Broken Heart

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"Yuzhou, I left everything behind. I have nothing left, but you! Please run away with me!" Tiankou said. 

He had loved this woman for many months, but their love was not approved. She was poor, so his parents never accepted her. He had to thrown away all of his riches and denied his parents to be with her. 

"You really are a moron! I just loved you for your money, but now that you throw it all away then why should I stay with you!" the woman named Yuzhou pushed him away. 

"What does my love mean to you then!?" he raged. 

"It means nothing, but a way to get money! If I knew that you were this useless then I could've went with Chakou!" she answered. 

The woman walked away and left the man alone. He was on his knees and his heart shattered. The man had built up a barrier of ice around his heart to protect it. He despises woman. He couldn't go back to his family now. He no longer have a home. All that was on him were his nice clothes and a pure gold bracelet with jade accents. He had no money on him nor any food. The man named Tiankou wondered around. He walked through a thick forest and walked across a dried up piece of land. With every steps, he is farther away from his home and heading towards an unknown place. From below, there was a poisonous snake that lurks in the dry grass. It's color was sandy, so it matches up with the grass. It moved towards the man slowly and makes it's move.


"AHHHHH!" he yelled. 

In all his life, a son of a rich nobleman that controls a city; he was in a miserable state. His eyelids got heavy and he collapsed. All that he could see was darkness and all he could hear were the final hissing sounds of the snake. 


"Ah! There's someone over there" a sweet sound of a young girl rang out. 

She ran up to the man whom was lying down in the dry grass. She inspected him for awhile before she try to wake him up. 

"Wake up! You shouldn't sleep out here! This place is famous for it's poisonous animals!"she tried to wake him up. 

She looked at his finger tips and noticed that it was turning purple. 

"No way! Were you stupid enough to get bitten by a sand snake!" she yelled.

"Good thing I have the antidote!" she pulled out a small clay bottle. 

She took out a pill and popped it into his mouth. She then fed him water so that the pill would move down his throat. The girl sat besides the man and waited patiently for him to wake up. 

*10 minutes later

"Uhh!" the man groaned. 

He slowly opened his eyes and rolled around. He pushed himself up and sat up straight. 

"You finally woke up! How stupid must you be to get bitten by such a low grade poisonous snake?" she asked. 

"Where am I? Who are you?" he asked. 

"I am your savior of course! If it's not for me then you would've died! This is the Purple Clan's territory" she answered him.

"Who are you mister?" she asked him.

"The name's Tiankou" he answered.

"My mother said that it's rude to not tell your name to someone who tells you their name, so I guess I must tell you my name. My name is Huli" she introduced myself. 

"Huli means Foxgloves. I am named after a poisonous plant. It can be very deadly if you use it improperly. It may stop a person's heart from beating and they'll die" she continued. 

"What parents would name their child after such a deadly thing?" he asked in shock.

"Of course the Purple Clan. Our clan specializes in poisons because our territory contain plenty of poisonous animals and plants. People said that we are using dark arts, but we call it using our resources. I am very proud of my name! The deadlier the name, the better" she said proudly.

"How about you? Why are you here? Don't you have a family?" she asked. 

"I have no where to go..." he replied. 

"Then that's no problem! My family is the leader of the Purple Clan! I can take you in!" she said happily. 

"Why would you help me?" he asked. 

"Because my last body guard had died because of me. My bodyguards always die after five months of serving me, so no one in the clan would want to be my bodyguard. I can take you in as my bodyguard! You'll get plenty of luxury if you are my body guard!" she answered him. 

"Die in five months!? Why would I want to be your bodyguard!" he raged.

"Then you could just die out here" she said. 

She stood up and was about to leave when the man stopped her. 

"Wait" he called out. 

I have no choice...

I'll die either way.

"I'll become your body guard" he said. 

"Goodie!" she yelled. 

"Then follow me. I'll take you to my home" she said. 

The young girl led him through the land and they arrived at a small village. 

"Is this your home?" he asked.

"Yup!" she said proudly.

The girl led him through the village and to a large mansion. She ran in the mansion and called out for her parents.

"Mother! Father! I found a bodyguard! Although he's useless and have no martial skills, but we'll teach him!" she yelled. 

"Hey little girl! Who are you calling useless!" the man raged. 

"Huli? Are you home?" a lady's voice called out. 

A beautiful woman appeared in their view with a man beside her. 

"Mother! Father!" Huli ran up to her parents and hugged them.

"Look! He's my bodyguard!" she pointed to Tiankou. 

" I have not seen you here. Where are you from?" Huli's father asked.

"I have no where too go neither do I have a home" Tiankou answered politely. 

"Are you sure you want to be my daughter's bodyguard? It's a dangerous job" Huli's mother asked kindly. 

"I have no choice. I have nowhere to be" he replied.

"Then we'll take you in. You'll be treated very well" Huli's mother said.

"We'll give you a room of your own, three meals a day, top class martial skills training, and a payment of 500 gold each month" Huli's father informed Tiankou. 

"Thank you, master" Tiankou thanked. 

*Huli is currently 10 years old and Tainkou is 18 years old.

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