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Today was my first art lesson. Not to brag, but I already considered myself to be a skillful artist, everything I know is self taught, ( by self taught, I mean I watched alot of youtube tutorials teaching me how to do stuff) and I learned by lots of trial and even more error. Yet mum thought it would be fun to whisk me off into an advanced art class. Reason? Because she needed  to get me out of the house.

'You can't spend all day in that computer of yours! Im enrolling you in an art class so that you can at least go out and get some fresh air'

To which I responded:

'why not? its not like there isn't any air inside..'

And boom. I'm in an art class, because of my high levels of sass. As I walked into the building - I kept tripping over my feet quite alot because of the load I carried: an easel in one hand and a box containing my art supplies in another - yet couldn't help but think ' how ironic, mum tells me to go outside to get some fresh air, yet my art class is indoors.'

When I finally found the room which the lesson would be held at, I opened the large doors to find an even larger room filled with people mostly around their twenties and mid-thirties. The room had new and old easel's here and there, shelves filled with spare art supplies, a stage for the muse or muses to pose in and such.

I started to look around the room, hopinh to find a spot that would draw less attention from  me and my -soon to be- art works. After scanning the room, I found a corner that seemed empty. When i  approched it,  I saw that i thought would be my small sanctuary-of-a-corner was already taken by a guy. I started to observe  the guy, and  I deduced him, Sherlock Holmes style.

He was a funny looking fellow. Messy  black hair, showing that he didn't care much of his appearance. A pair of stunning blue eyes with dark bags around them. Also giving the appearance that he didn't get that much sleep. A blue worn coat with a yellow pin with a smiley face on it, and some black pants acompanied by some black shoes. He wore a bored expression on his face.

I can tell when someone wants to be alone, but im a social butterfly. I dont like the silence, but this guys seemed... Odd. But against, my better wishes, I walked towards him setting my easel and supplies right next to his."Hello, i noticed you were alone, so i decided to come back here, to keep you company." I said while flashing a small smile. The boy shifted his eyes to me, but he didn't meet my gaze. He just stared at me, looked at me up and down, and he looked away.

"I don't need it." He responded bluntly. Wow rude much? " Well me neither, my name's (y/n). Your's?" I proped up my easel and I looked at him waiting for an answer. The boy gave an annoyed sigh and said "Helen."
"Helen? That's a nice name. Do you draw often, Helen?" I said as i took out my supplies and putting them on the table that was provided for us. Helen didn't respond, but he just took out his supplies and a large jar of thick red paint and he set a canvas on his easel."Yes." He said.

I gave a small hum, and decided not to talk to him anymore. He was rude and I wasn't going to waste my time. Shortly after the art teacher walked on the stage " Good day all! Today we will be painting our desk partners. Paint them in anyway you like and I will evaluate them afterwards" Oh boy... I look over at Helen and see that he has already started to paint. He glanced at me ever so often as he painted. Might as well do the same.

*time skip*

My hands were covered in paint, and I had spots on my cheeks. Helen on the other hand was as clean as an un-used napkin. " oh (y/n) it looks wonderful! The colors blend in so beautifully! Oh Helen, its gorgeous, the red gives such a strong emotion, so much anger and passion! Good job, the both of you."

 (The painting you did, i Put my initials, but i dont own the original Drawing)

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(The painting you did, i Put my initials, but i dont own the original Drawing)

 (The painting you did, i Put my initials, but i dont own the original Drawing)

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(You can guess who did this, i dont own the original Drawing)

"Wow, it's really good" Helen nodded " your's is pretty good too" i gave him a small smile and I started to pack my things. "It was lovely Meeting you Helen. I guess ill see you in our next Lesson?" He stared at me briefly and responded " you dont think im odd?"

"Maybe, but who am i to judge?" He stayed silent but gave a small nod. He scribbeled something in a small piece of paper "here. My number. In case you um, want to talk."

Taking the paper our fingers touched and I felt butterflies ignite in my stomache and a blush creeped on my face " oh thank you. I will." He gave a small smile and there was something in his eyes that i felt i had seen before but i couldnt put my finger on it. "I'll walk you out" helen said as he picked up his own supplies.

We walked down the hallways that lead to exit, so i thought to spring up a small conversation "Helen?" "hm?" "what made you start painting?"  He shrugged " Socializing didn't seem like an option for me. So i started to draw and eventually paint."

"hm, interesting." "what about you,love?" Ok what the hell. " love? Is that like my nickname now?" "maybe, i dont know." "Right. Well i started painting just to pour my feelings out. It is easier than talking." He smirked and raised an eyebrow at me "Well here we are. Like i said it was nice meeting you, Helen. Bye"

I was halfway out the door when i felt him grab my arm and spin me around capturing my lips in a small kiss. It caught me too off guard, but before i could kiss back, he pulled away. "sorry. I didn't mean too I-"
"dont worry, it's Fine..." "keep in touch?" I gave out a small laugh and winked at him "promise"

My mum was already waiting outside in her car. I put my stuff in the trunk and sat in the front seat. She gave me the mom look that stands for 'ok something happened, spill it' " so Honey, how was art class?"


Alrighty finally done! I hoped you liked it, requests are open you can comment or message me privately. You can comment,vote and follow!!


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