New Beginning

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Life Is Just A Game That We Like To Play. A Thing Called Love It's Temporary. I Put My Own Heart On An Obituary. Say R.I.P To The Kid He's Not Necessary. All I Wanted Was For You To Let Me Know That You Care. Keep It Real With Me I'll Leave It Right There. I Tried To Play It Right, But You Didn't Play Fair. My Own Face Looking Stupid What's Left? I Was Hit With The Worse Now I'm Striving For Better. Seen Crazy Days With Bipolar Weather. Closing My Eyes Cause I Got It Together. Get It While It's Good Cause Don't Nothing Last Forever.

"It's seven in the morning, and the hallways are flooded with people I've never seen before", Jordan thought to himself. The high school feeling was overwhelming for all the incoming freshmen. Showing up to class 10 minutes late because you don't know where anything is, asking strangers where certain teachers are, and introducing yourself to people for 7 classes straight. It didn't take for Jordan to realize how much of an outcast he'd be.
"Im a freshman taking classes with a bunch of juniors and seniors...", Jordan thought to himself. Was it really that bad though? Being around older, more mature people for most of the day. At least that's what it seemed like. Only a month into high school and it wasn't all that different. Same loud girls in the cafeteria every morning, dudes skipping class to smoke weed, and never a day went by that I looked forward to attending English class. On the bright side, there are some positive things going on.
"All JV players meet downstairs with Coach Ware". After working with the varsity team all summer I'm moving down with the other freshmen to start our season. You'd think being a football player would give you some acclaim, but that wasn't my case. Worked hard every practice only to get to our first game and receive no playing time. Then I went through it again for the second game. By game 3 I was ready to quit until my coach gave me the starting position that game and boosted my confidence. Now I'm starting to find females who never paid attention to me before finally warming up to me. Before I knew I had my first high school girlfriend, Angel Blaine...
She wasn't all that pretty, but I didn't care all I knew was that was my baby. Walking to class together, kissing, hugging, grabbing her on the butt. I wasn't a stranger to relationships, but I was stranger to being in one. Here I am week 5 of the season and things were going great.
"This y'all half man", one of my teammates told me after him and our other running back had scored their touchdowns in the first half. Before I knew it I was juking a defender and getting into the end zone from 30 yards out and felt great. I finally started getting some respect in school and people warmed up to me. But then that's when reality of being in high school set in.
"TD come here real quick Bruh", words of another teammate who saw me in the hallway that day. "Your girlfriend named Angel right?". "Yes it is", I replied hesitantly. "I just wanted to let you know that Craig, and Mike trained her before". "Oh damn you serious? Thanks for letting me know". "Yeah Fam no problem stay up B".
Now football season is over and I'm faced with my first real relationship situation. "Did I get into a relationship with a hoe?". Only one way to find out, so I started asking questions. Of course she started defending herself against the idea of her being a hoe, but I was still unsure. I decided to brush it off anyway. In light of that I decided to do my own game. I was scrolling through Instagram one night and saw a picture that was a game of girls sending "pics" to you. I decided to send it around to some girls & even got some pics from a few. One of them caught feelings about it and sent it to Angel, who confronted me about it later that night. I wasn't ashamed about it and told her with no regret that I did it. We broke up maybe a day or so later, and I felt no remorse in what I did in the latter. In due time I found out from several people she actually was a hoe and did things I'd never think a girl would do at only 14... And that's when I decided to take my stance and become a player because I was so broken with the stuff I found out.
Focused only on schoolwork now I'm living the single life and I'm fairly happy with it. Only a couple months into the player phase did I give up because it just wasn't my thing. I decided to just stick with schoolwork, music production, and living life. Despite the few girlfriends I had that year, there was always this one girl I would see in the hallway that caught my eye every time she walked by. I never knew her name, and didn't have the courage to speak to her. But in my head I knew one day that would be my baby. She was always with her boyfriend, but I knew in my heart that one day I'd get her. For now, let's just live in the victory of surviving my first year of high school.

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