A/N: Ok so ik how at the beginning of the story I said that they was all I'm college buuutttttt I'm changing it. They're still the same age, just not in college. :) (P.S. They're smart) They live together. Onto the story now!!*


MarMar:Sooooo......what is for dinner?!

Maya:(whispers to Princeton) I KNOW this bitch ain't serious!!!!

Prince:(whispering to her) Calm down. (talking to MarMar) Um....I was planning on making some enchiladas and rice bu--

Ty:For real?!?! Man i LOVE to eat that! My momma makes that alot! I wonder how yours taste.

Prince:As I was saying (clears throat) I WAS going to.....but I'm tired as hell right now.

MarMar:Well go tell one of these girls to get to steppin then. Ain't a woman suppose to be in a kitchen anyway?!

Keanna:Instead of telling us where we ALL is supposed to be go suck someone's dick. Cuz u a woman too last time i check. (Ik it sound stupid lol)

Ty::Don't be talking to my girl like that.

Emerald:Last time we checked, she was a friend with benefits aka a HOE!

MarMar:Hold the fuck up! (stands up) Who is you calling a hoe!

Emerald:YOU! Because if u a fwb then you could actually going out with a guy and the fwb won't even know.

MarMar:You don't know how fucking stupid you sound right now?

Prod:(whispering to Ray) Ooo i hope a fight happens! Lemme get my phone out just in case. (pulls it out)


Emerald:I may sound stupid to you, but only cuz that's how you act and it's what you are.

Roc:I can't believe all this shit is happening just because she said "What's for dinner?"

Prince:I don't care how it happened. I just wanna see some shit go down.

Maya:(groans while MarMar is talking) Can you just shut the fuck up. You can't be over here up in our house saying,"What's for dinner"

MarMar:(sits down)Y'all just don't know how dumb y'all look for reacting just cuz i asked "what's for dinner?"

Maya:Can you please shu--

MarMar:Don't tell me to shut up again or else i will have to beat your ass.

Kortni:Hey! Don't be coming here tlkn foul.

Keanna:(mumbles) Ooo know she wanna say something?

Maya:No. No. Hold the fuck up. Did you say that you gone beat MY ass!?

HAHA! Nigga you got it backwards. Shut that shit up! (Lol got it SpokenReasons on YouTube)

MarMar:Man. You serious!? You already know you ain't gone do shit. Never will, so just shut up.

Maya:You acting like you gone be the one to throw the 1st punch.

MarMar:(stands up) I will if i have too.

Maya:(stands up) Hit me. I dare you.

MarMar:(is about to hit her but Maya socks her to the ground)

(Maya gets up and as soon as she turns around MarMar gets the closest thing she can find and throws it at her aiming for her head)

Maya:(starts charging for her) You..are messing with the wrong bitch! (gets something and throws it at her)


Maya:I SAID DON'T FUCKING MESS WITH ME! AND YOU IRKING MY NERVES!! (gets on top of her and is socking her)

(MarMar pushes Maya off her and they start catfighting)

Prod:(hands camera to RayRay)Here. Ima break them up.

(goes to them) Ok. Ok. That's enough. (tries breaking them apart) Someone help me. They scratching me!!


Prince:Babe. (goes over to them) S-stop it. (mumbling)Damn, how am I gone stop this? (pulls her from MarMar and starts sucking on her neck)

Maya:(calming down but still breathing

hard) (sighs)

Kortni:Oh my fucking gosh!

Ray:(closing the camera) That was so entertaining.

Maya:Shut the hell up. Damn.

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