Chapter 4

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Eliza stood in the corner, watching the redhead walking through the rows of clothes as she shook her head.

"No... No... urg... not this one... how could mom put this here? Or lame's becoming popular now? I'm sorry for the next generations," Bianca murmured to herself

The girl held her impulse to ask why they were there. Again. I can't hear her saying 'buying clothes' again. Her 'isn't this obvious? Can't you tell?' face is annoying as hell, Eliza thought, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

"Oh, this one looks interesting," Eliza heard Bianca's voice and opened her eyes. The redhead came to her with a smile and a dress in her hands. "Try this one."

Eliza stared into Bianca's eyes for a long time before sighing and turning her gaze to the dark green and strapless dress. "I don't know..." Knowing how pushy the redhead was, the girl suppressed her immediate reply—no—and tried imagining her wearing the clothes. It won't look good. "It's not me..."

"Have you ever tried something like this before?" Bianca asked, tilting her head, her green eyes full of enthusiasm.

"For my fifteenth old birthday party," she muttered. Bianca said nothing, just staring the girl. Under that gaze, Eliza sighed and accepted the dress. This was not how I imagined my day would be, she thought, walking to the dressing room.

When Eliza woke, she felt better than usual. Talking about my powers and about what had happened in the past few months to someone, even if it was Bianca, felt good. Still... maybe I should've hadn't said that much. Though the redhead should hardly cause any trouble, for a moment the girl thought about skipping school. But when Eliza imagined her mother's face, she gave up the idea. Mom and dad are working hard, she thought, getting out of the bed.

Her fears were unfounded, however. When she got to school, everything was just like any other day. The students whispered the same old rumors about her when they saw her and the teachers treated her as if she would have a meltdown at any moment.

Guess it's... fine... maybe. It could mean Bianca is trustworthy. Or perhaps she's up to something, Eliza considered. No matter if she's planning something or not, I can't hide in the bathroom all day. She headed to her classroom, but stopped at the door, her hands sweating. Why am I nervous? Eliza shook her head and entered.

Bianca wasn't in the classroom. Guess she doesn't come early. Come to think of it, I barely get in time, and I don't remember seeing her before me. Eliza sat on her chair and rested her head on the desk, but instead of closing her eyes and resting, she paid attention. When she heard the door opening and a noise increase coming from the girls, she knew, even without looking, who was the newcomer.

If she talks to me right here, I wonder how much my reputation will go down? I bet people will say something like I'm blackmailing her for money for more drugs. What was it last time? Ah, cocaine, Eliza thought, turning her head towards the door. She was right. It was Bianca all right, but the redhead talked with her friends and sat in her seat, never once turning to Eliza.

Is she ignoring me? For some reason it annoyed her, but she suppressed her feelings. Breathing through her nose, Eliza closed her eyes. Instead of resting, however, the girl opened them almost right away and looked at the redhead.

Coincidence or not, Bianca glanced at Eliza at the same time. When their eyes met, the redhead smiled and turned back to her friends. I'm caring about her too much, she thought, clicking her tongue.

Before Eliza got even more annoyed, the redhead girl pointed down, so discreetly only she noticed. What's she doing? Eliza wondered for a second, but when Bianca scratched her eye, she realized. Sighing, the girl focused her eyes on Bianca's desk.

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