Its more comfortable i looked myself on the mirror one last time but the door suddenly opened

"Whats up wit-" i cut her off

"My phone?" I asked and she gived it to me

"Ms. Edwards the fans are waiting for you?" Camila said and i nod i get out and walked to the table. Wow the line is so long i search for the brunette girl

"Searching for someone" leigh sang

"Shut up" i said and sat on the chair

"Hi love how are you" i said and she's on tears aww how cute

"Aw love dont cry" i said and she just nod and give me something while im signing the cd

"Thanks love" i said and she nod and walked away

" she seems like star struck on you" leigh said she's on my back

"Hi perrie!" A girl said

"Hi sweet" i said and she smiled

"Can i hug you please" she asked i nod and stand up

"Thankyou so much" she said

"Welcome love here's your CD" i said and give it to her.

"Wow so many people" leigh said and i just nod

"Its fine tho" i said

"HI PEWWE!" a small boy said

"Aww hi baby!"  i said he waved at me

"How old are you baby??" I said

"Im 5" he said awww he's so cute

"Can i plesh hug you pleshhhh?" he said while pouting omg how adorable

"Sure baby come here" i said and stand up to carry him

"Take us a photo" i said to leigh she nodded. The kid kissed me on a cheek i kissed his forehead

"Bye baby." I said and give him to his father

"Wait, do you have any facebook account or twitter? Ill send you the picture" i said while smiling

He nodded

"I dont have one but my sister have twitter its @JadeThirlwall just send to her" he said i stopped wow small world

"Oh okay btw whats your name?" I asked

"My name is Karl and his name is karl too" he said. Wow thats adorable.

"Okay bye" i said

After 30 minutes only just few people left.

"Look who's here" leigh said while looking straight to some direction i looked at it and my eyes widened

"Hey close your mouth!" Leigh said

I see jade walking closer to us goodness she's so hot.

"Uh hi?" Jade asked and i stopped on my trance

"H-Hello" i said why am i stuttering

"Hi jade!" Leigh said while waving jade giggled . Thats sound so sexy

"Wait you know each other?" I asked and looked at leigh but i cant help to stare at the eyes of jade

"Uh we meet earlier the guard stopped them" she explained wow

"Next" the guard said but i didnt heared it

Someone pushed jade but i soon catched her.

"Hey no pushing! And im still talking to her" I said

"Are you alright?" I asked her she just nod

"Oh jade here's your CD" i said and gived her the CD

"Thankyou but how'd you know my name?" she asked

"Ah because i saw your tweet earlier" i said and she blushed

"And i heard leigh mentioned your name" i said and smiled

"uh c-can i-" but she cut off by a girl and i guess her name is jesy

"She wanted to hug you!" Jesy said and i giggled jade glared at her

"Sure love" i said and hugged her she hugged me tight

"Thanks by the way you left this when we meet at the market" she said and gived me a handkerchief wow this is the handkerchief i've been looking for.

"Thankyou" i said and waved at her

Jade's POV

"Thankyou" she waved at me and smiled this is so unreal im talking to my freakin celebrity crush and i freakin hugged her omg. I still really dont want to leave but ive been talking to her for 15 minutes

When im walking. someone grab my wrist

*duuuub duuub duuub duuub* (slow heartbeat)

"Jade" she said and lean forward

*dub dub dub dub* omf my crazy heartbeat is so fast

"W-What is it?" i said she grabbed my wrist and put something on my hand

"Bye" she said and kissed my cheeks

Omg she turned around and walked i turn around too while holding my cheeks and proceed to walk

"Hey thirlwall where have you been?" jesy asked

I remember the thing on my hand i opened it and its a crumpled paper i looked on it and i gasped

Jade chat me on whatsapp its perrieedwards   xx
   -  perrie :)


Im planning to just edit their conversation on Whatsapp so ill just post picture here instead ill typed it here what do you think??

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