Chapter 60. Save Me by Dave Matthews

Hannah could tell that Evan was having some trouble, but was not sure the other female would appreciate her commenting on it. Instead, she tried to keep the conversation light.

"I found some amazing club clothes in Marie's closet, you know," Hannah rambled. "But...I didn't think that I would want a stranger to put on my nice things, so I picked an outfit for tonight when the guys went shopping."

"Really? That's nice of you but I don't think Emil believes Marie survived. He hasn't said so, but I wouldn't think there was much hope for her, do you?" Evan asked as she tried to hide her discomfort. The last thing Emil needed to worry about right now was her and the baby. She'd been having more frequent pain in her stomach for the last hour and she was feeling tired. Not tired as if she had not slept, tired as if she was running out of energy.

"Anything is possible, Evan. Those friends of Romley's are capable of all kinds of atrocities. I hope she is dead, not being used by them," Hannah answered seriously.

At that moment, Malachi and Xavier stood from where they had been sitting quietly discussing strategy. The males came and stood by them, causing Evan and Hannah to look up expectantly.

Malachi cleared his throat and glanced between the two women nervously.

"What is it, Mal?" Hannah said, smiling at his discomfort.

"I understand there is a nice garden on the roof. Would you like to go check it out with me?" he asked, directing his invitation to Hannah.

She looked to Evan and raised her eyebrows in a silent question. Evan grinned and nodded.

"Sure," Hannah replied, rising gracefully from where she had been sitting.

As Hannah and Malachi made their way from the office, Evan tried to stand as well. It was becoming more difficult to move with each passing hour. Xavier reached to quickly grasp her elbow to help her up. Gratefully she laid her hand on the tall, lanky man's arm, and was suddenly inundated with images from him, accompanied by a peaceful warm energy. None of the images were as frightening as what she had gotten from Romley, almost as if Xavier was censoring what she received. She felt as if she was seeing a peaceful ocean and could almost feel the sand under her toes.

"Thank you," Evan whispered, thankful for more than the help up.

"You're quite welcome. It seems we will need to help the others here understand what you need in order to live peacefully among us," he replied.

"How did you know?" she asked incredulously.

"I have been around a long time, My Lady. There are likely very few talents I have not encountered along the way. You are a strong empath and your change likely enhanced your ability, did it not?" he answered.

"Yes, I see images now. When I was human all I felt was energy, the lifeforce. It is so much more now," she confessed. Seeing as how Emil had selected this Guardian to protect her and that Xavier already seemed to know some of her ability, Evan thought it wouldn't hurt to get some more insight into her ability from someone who might actually be able to help her.

"I thought you might. I have some of the same ability, but I've learned how to turn it off so well, I actually have to work to turn it on again," Xavier said with a rueful grin.

"Walk with me, we need to get to know each other and I want to lay down," Evan said as she made her way to the living room. Once there, she gingerly stretched out on the leather couch, again assisted by Xavier when she struggled to lean back.

"You need to tell Emil you're having such difficulty," Xavier chided.

"Not yet! He has enough on his mind and doesn't need to worry about me and the baby right now," Evan insisted.

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