No 14

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When nothing goes right...

go left

That akward moment, when you get home from school, look at yourself in the mirror and thinking: "did I really look like this all day?"

Everyone is getting into relationships and growing up. I'm just getting lazier and finding more TV series to watch.

Harry Potter: the boy who lived

Katniss (hunger games): the girl who was on fire

Bella (Twilight) : the girl who did nothing

"But my mom says I'm cool" :(

Note to self:

You're a fucking idiot

I don't need the internet...

The internet needs me


"Zwei Sekunden, Schatz."

"Es ist wichtig!"

"Was ist, Süsse?"

"Darf ich ein bisschen Schockolade haben?"





Friday. Saturday. Sunday.


What's that?


HAHAHALies diese Geschichte KOSTENLOS!