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The flight was 8 hours. Trust me Prodigy without chicken for 8 hours? JESUS!


"Uhmm Alana where is the chicken?" Prodigy tried to peer in her bag.

"Stop Prod you're causing trouble, and plus the lady is coming" She flicked him off.

"Just give me the got damn chicken, before someone's ass gets beat" He whispered. Alana put on her Beats to ignore him. She played I Beez In Da Trap by Nicki Minaj. By the second verse Prod was beyond pissed.

"ALANA CHARICE MAYWETHER GIVE ME THE FUCKING CHICKEN!!!!" Everybody's attention was focused on the two. Alana flared her nose and looked at him with a warning.

"Boy, you know damn well you ain't talkin to me like that, I'll whoop yo ass in 0.00000000001 seconds" She stood up.

"Great, you turned into Google. NOW WHERE IS THE CHI-" Prod was cut off by the Flight Attendant.

"Excuse me miss, what do you have in the bag? " She politley asked. Alana was beyond annoyed.

"Well I have my underwear, um a pad.. two pads actually, some Dramaminex, and some Bombay Sapphire Gin" Alana looked at the lady and smiled. The lady was beyond embarrassed.

"Uhmm miss you may have a seat and please Mr keep it down" She walked out of First Class.

"I can't deal with blacks" She muttered while walking away.

"Blacks can't deal with you either with your ignnorant ass" Prodigy whispered to Alana as she gave him a wing. She smiled at the way he was reacting. It was like he never had chicken before. But that's Prodigy for ya.

"Babe, I'm horny" Princeton tapped me on the shoulder.

"And I care becuase?" I got off of his lap. He smiled deviously.

"I know why you should care" His hands creeped up my thigh which was now covered with some Champion sweatpants.

"Boy, you lucky we on a plane" I glared at him.

"Fine, but when we get there, I'mma just let you know, there is no mercy." He smiled.

"Umm no, what if I told you that if you ever pull Harvard out on me anytime this week, Harvard turns into Yale" I smiled and he frowned. I giggled at his expression.

"I'm sowwie now stop watching Prod like that it makes me nauscious" He pretended to throw up.

"Would you two shut the fuck up?" Roc asked over the seat.

"Niya please handle your bipolar bitch please before himself and his emotions get thrown out of the emergency exit" I turned back around and put my music in my ears. My iPod was playing Orange Juice by Odd Future.

"This is your captain speaking, this flight shall be landing in the next 35 Minutes" I groaned. Chloe and Ray were fighting over who gets to play Temple Run next.

"RAY IT'S MY TURN" Chloe whined.

"Noooooooooo" He whimpered.

"Yesssss, you salamified bacon strip" She pouted.

"*gasps* How dare you" He held his chest.

"MWAHAahahahhahahahah" Chloe evily laughed.

"Weird arse" Ray cracked a smile at me. I started laughing. Chloe frowned.

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