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An Ending to "All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury"

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The summary for "All summer in a day" by  Ray Bradbury. Margot is a nine year old girl whose family moved from Earth to Venus when she was four and she yearns to see the sun again. She remembers the sun shining on Earth – something that it rarely does on Venus. All of the rain and cloud cover on her new planet are affecting her emotions, but her chance to see the sun once again is quickly approaching. The story takes place on the one day when the rain will stop and the sun will shine for a couple of hours. All of the children in Margot's class are eagerly awaiting their first glimpse of the sun, but when the teacher leaves for a few minutes they decide to pull a very mean prank on Margot.  They lock her in the closet and they run out under the sun while she is still in the closet. Then the story ends when they slowly open the closet door.

My ending:

Margot burst out of the closet, her face red with rage, her hands clenched into fists, and she uttered four powerful words to the other children, their mouths falling open with surprise. "You ruined my life." Then she tore out of the underground city, into the rain. The other children yelled for her to stop and come back, but she didn't, she ran. With the rain stinging her face, her arms, and her head, she thought about the other children, the sun, and what it had felt like to be locked in the cold closet instead of being under the warm, safe sun.

Then she started to turn around, and started to run back to the city. When she finally came back to it she saw the children were still watching her from the door of the city. Then she saw that they were screaming at her to come back. Then a flash from the sky, and everything went black for poor Margot.

When she woke up again she hurt everywhere and she could not see.

""-to see again" she heard a voice say.

Margot groaned from pain. "Why is it so dark?" she whispered.

"It is not dark, little one" the voice calmly told Margret.

"Then why can't I see you?" she said, panic starting to become plain in her voice

"You can not see anything anymore."

"Does that mean I'm.. that I'm.." she stopped, her voice was clogging with tears.

"Yes, this means that you are blind". Margot was silent, deep in her own thoughts. Then she heard footsteps walking over to where Margot was lying on the bed.

"It's just your classmate, Margot, we wanted to tell you that we were sorry that you didn't see the sun, and now you can't, can't see anything anymore, and we know you will never forgive us, but can we help you?"

"No," she whispered and closed her eyes as the tears started to flow.

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