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That was how her parents told her they felt once she was born. They also told her that she was a complete accident.

"Oh, thanks mom. I always knew I was a little ray of surprise."

"Oh, shut up."

Krystal grew up a happy child. And it turned out she wasn't the last unplanned surprise, when she was three her mom had baby boy #5 and she gave up the hope of a second daughter. She had Krystal's oldest brother when she was 19. Her and dad were high school sweethearts and Krystal enjoyed going through their photo albums.

Anyways, Krystal. Little ball of sunshine, with her brother constantly at her side, would always be found outside picking dandelions with chubby hands. She also loved night-time and she would sneak out of the house at night to look at the stars.

As she got older she developed nicely, good grades and on the swim team, she got along with everyone. When her dad's job had him transferred they moved with him to Florida. The sunny state, and Krystal's first love. Her mom reopened the All Day Café and Krystal loved working in it. Making people's morning coffee with a bright smile, which made almost everyone's day.

Krystal also took to homeschooling to help around the house when her father had to leave on business trips. She liked staying home and working at the café and helping around the house. One morning she served possibly the gloomiest customer she had ever had in the happy café. He came in and ordered black coffee with a couple grunts, the other customers stared at him knowingly.

Jay. His name was Jay. That's what Krystal learned from the murmuring as she made his coffee. She turned back towards him with the Styrofoam cup steaming in her hands, she handed it to him with a dazzling smile. His lips seemed fixed in a permanent scowl as she retrieved his receipt.

"Here you go, be careful, it's hot. Have a great day!" she chirped. Jay took the coffee wordlessly, a slight frown on his face, and left the café. Krystal's smile wavered for a second as she watched him leave.

"Don't mind him, he's been foul ever since he came here." an old woman snorted "The poor thing doesn't even know what a smile is."

Krystal was silent as she stared at the door. Finally she shook her head out of it's daze and straightened her yellow t-shirt and got back to work.

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