chapter 21

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heyyyy ^-^ I kinda have writers block :/   and I have a tremendous headache (>_<).  so sorry if this chapter comes out crappy....any way hope you enjoy :3


the trio of hedgehogs appeared in Tails' living room.  The now 11 year old kitsune walked into the living room.

"hi guys!" he said.

sonic squirmed in Shadows arms as he reached out to Tails.

"buddy!" he said. 

tails smiled and walked over and took sonic into his arms. the toddler squealed with delight and wrapped his stubby arms around the fox's neck.

"miss you! miss you!" sonic exclaimed.

tails laughed "I missed you too buddy".

"buddy!" sonic replied.

Rouge walked in and smiled, taking Sonic away from tails.  "whos my favorite nephew!" she said as she tickled his tummy.

"heeey!" scourge said.

Rouge laughed "you know I love you too Scrouge".

sonic laughed "scouge!"

Rouge laughed "is that his new name for ya 'scouge'?" she teased.

Scourge grumbled under his breath "he's been doing it all day. ..."

"Rouge, you said that you found the commanders location, am I correct? " Shadow said, trying to get to what they came here for.

"oh yeah, the coordinations are on my communicator" rouge said as she clicked on a button from the watch on her wrist. A 3-D hologram popped out, showing the commanders location.

Shadow nodded "lets go, tails I trust that you'll take care of the boys, correct?" he said.

Tails smiled and gave him a thumbs up " no problem Shadow!".

"hey, can't I go this time dad? pleeeeeeease!?" scourge said as he looked up at his father.

"sonic too! sonic too!" sonic exclaimed as he reached out to his dad.

Shadow shook his head "no, you two are to stay here, its way too dangerous for you" Shadow explained.

"aww come on dad! you always say that!" scourge said.

"yeah!" sonic agreed.

Shadow sighed, but smiled "maybe when your both older" he said before teleporting away with Rouge.

"come on guys,  let me show you the different parts of a proton generator!" tails said excitedly.

Scourge and sonic gave each other a knowing look, knowing that the next few hours where going to be very, very boring for them.

sorry its so short :/  my brain is on melt and comment please ^-^

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