9. In between

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gue mau bilang thanks for 2.02M reads chatting; kth! 💕

makasih yaaa udah bertahan *WOI APA INI*

makasih yaaa udah ngikutin chatting; kth sampe sequel 😭

makasih udah mewujudkan apa yang gue pikir ga mungkin

you guys are the blessings that God has sent me since the beginning 😭❤️

you guys are the blessings that God has sent me since the beginning 😭❤️

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saranghaeyooooo 💕


Jungkook: lo ga suka ya sm dia makanya gamau saingan?

Taehyung: bukan, bukan gitu

Jungkook: trus apa?

Taehyung: bc i once thought that if a broken heart could be healed with a broken person, but now i know, it can't.

Jungkook: hah gangerti gua

Taehyung: jeh pindahan US gini nih?

Jungkook: bukan gangerti inggris nya

Jungkook: tapi apa hubungannya jir sama chaebi?

Taehyung: and i believe there are some stories that better keep untold.

Jungkook: ik

Taehyung: sorry

Jungkook: for?

Taehyung: for loving her that much without letting you know [deleted]

Taehyung: for?ever

Jungkook: but you know there's no forever in life

Jungkook: forever is just as long as you stay

Taehyung: and i will take that word 'forever' just to stay.

Jungkook: forever won't be forever until you find out that not everything is worth the word 'forever'

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