Chapter 11: Rachel

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593rd sol- 04:07

"No, there's no way you can be serious!" Exclaimed Tom.

"Wake Lily and Matt, then we'll talk." I told Seth, not looking Tom in the eyes.

"I'm up." Said Matt unexpectedly as he sat up. He turned to his left and poked Lily. "Hey, get up! Rachel's got an insanely stupid plan." He said as he put an emphasis on the word stupid.

"Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh." Lily groaned.

"Great, now that everyone's up, we can get started!" I said, using a fake, overly-cheery voice.

"What did I miss?" Lily asked groggily.

"Tom got back about 10 minutes ago." I informed her. "2 of the 6 guns we brought are in working condition. We think that we know  where John is and we also think we know why they haven't attacked Ceres yet. And, we're going to blow up the hangar...." I didn't know how she was going to take the last part.

"Uh, why are we going to destroy the only thing that can get us off this planet?" Lily asked in a calm voice. One that I was glad to here.

"Well, if everyone agrees to listen, I'll lay out my whole plan for you." I said, looking at each of them in turn and lingering slightly on Matt. They all nodded so I continued, "First we split into 2 teams. One blow the hangar, and one to get John. If they haven't changed the codes, we'll be lucky, the more likely part of this plan is that Lily," I said, catching her eye, "is going to have to hack all the codes. I will lead the team that get's John. Lily will obviously come with me and I think Matt should also come with me. Seth, Tom, you two will be the second team. your job will be to-"

"Blow the hangar!!!!!" They chorused in a sing-songy voice.

"Yes, blow the hangar." I repeated. I was a little worried they seemed so happy to blow up a building but I let it go since I had bigger things to worry about. "After we blow the hangar, my guess is that their fleet will start moving towards Ceres. They may also leave a team here to see if they can crack our network. Thought?" I asked the last part cautiously.

"Ummm, YES!!! I have a thought!!!" Shouted Matt. "You want us to do ALL of that," He paused for effect and drew a huge breath, "with two, TWO guns?!?!?!?!"

"Yes, one gun per team. I figure, stealth will be our only chance to succeed but, we can probably steal a few of their guns...." I told him.

"Oh, oh great!!! Absolutely magnificent!!! And how do we get home?!?! Did you think that part through?!?! What happens when we blow up all the ships?!?!" he was really getting worked up.

"Shut up and let her answer one of your questions!!!" Lily yelled back at him.

"We'll stow away on one of their ships. We'll leave a few of theirs still working in the hangar." I told him. "Tom, Seth, is there any way to get another gun working? Can you use parts from the four broken guns to make another one operational?" I asked a little desperately.

"I think so." Seth responded a little warily. "It may take a little. When do you want to start this plan?"

"It's 04:11 now," I said as I looked at my watch. "I think we should wait until 03:00. that'll give you a little time to work on the guns and explosives, everyone can get a little rest, and we can scout out area more. Lily, can you find the blueprints of the hangar and the prison block?"

"Yeah, I'll get started on the blueprints. Who knows, I might even be able to get the whole base blueprints!!" She said, a bit cheerily.

"I'll start working on the guns." Said Seth.

"Great, this time tomorrow, hopefully we'll be on a ship headed home." I said, "Now let's get to work!!" Everyone started off in different directions.

593rd sol- 12:36

"Hey, Rachel!" Seth called. " I think I've got one working!!" He said excitedly.

"Really?" I said rushing over from next to Lily. She had gotten the blueprints for the base and the two buildings. "Is it really working?" I asked him excitedly.

"Yeah, well, sorta...... The power supply line is kinda touchy, but it shoots just fine when it does work......" Seth said drifting off.

"Will it shoot?" I asked him, trying to bring him back to the present.

"Yeah, but onl-"

"Then we'll be fine." I said, cutting him off before he could start being unsure of himself again. "Everyone, come here." People started moving towards us.

"I thought we already had a plan!!!" Tom whined as he walked over from where he was making the bombs.

"Now we get into the specifics of the buildings." I told him, hopefully ending any other similar questions. "Tom, how are the explosives?" I asked him.

"Poorly, I still need to make 20 more and I'm not sure we even have enough parts!" He said exasperatedly.

"Well, you can have any parts off the broken guns, I used the extra parts and got another albeit, unreliable, gun working." Seth said.

"Great," Then he turned to me, "that may get 4 or 5 bombs but I still don't know how many more I can make." Tom said a bit unsurely.

"How many do you have made?" Asked Lily.

"13." Tom answered without hesitation.

"So, you should only need to make 5 more, the hangar only has 18 main beams. If we blow all of those, the building should collapse on it's self." Lily informed Tom.

"Ok, what happens if I can't blow them all?" Tom asked.

"Well, knowing our engineers and looking at the blueprints, only those sections will fall. we need one bomb per pillar or else the hangar stands." Lily said, looking grim.

Tom looked like he was thinking hard. "Do the pillars need to be blown up or can we cut them?" He asked.

"I think cutting them should work. It may be tough though, they're 4 feet thick." Said Lily.

"Ok, I'll see what I can do." Tom said.

"Well, now that all the details are figured out, Seth, Tom, you two need to memorize the blueprints for the hangar. My team will memorize the blueprints for the prison. Everyone, get your job figured out and finished and get some rest. We move out at 23:00." I told them. Everyone walked away to figure out their task and I went to rest.


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