Chapter 2

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*Lara's POV*

I had no idea how long we had been running, it felt like hours and my lungs we beginning to burn from exhaustion in the freezing February air. However the cold slapping feeling on my face made me feel the most alive I had in a long time. Dan felt me pull back slightly and immediately slowed to mirror my pace.

'You okay?' he asked, looking at me concerned.

I nodded even though my vision was blurred and I had that feeling you get in your head and legs when you're about to pass out. The truth was I hadn't eaten in at least a week, I had lost count now, but I knew running on this amount of energy was a terrible idea.

Dan now had grip on both my elbows to stop me swaying around.

'I'm fine' I whispered, making his eyebrows raise and his forehead crinkle in a cute little way.

'You're a terrible liar' he said, I let out a little chuckle. 'We're close now, let's go'.

We continued at a slower pace until we reached the side of what I recognised to be the Standard, Skyline Hotel.

'Sshhh' Dan mouthed to me, I just laughed silently because I had no idea what his plans were.

Suddenly we were running through the incredibly fancy lobby of the hotel and Dan was desperately pressing the up button on the elevator. We heard the 24 hour security guy shout behind us but we just kept frantically hammering on the elevator button which was taking an eternity to arrive.

It finally reached the ground floor; we dived in and practically broke the elevator door by how fast we pushed the close the door button. We immediately collapsed with laughter- a feeling that felt foreign and new in amazing ways to me. Dan pushed the button that would take us to the very top floor, all this time I was still wondering what the hell I was doing with this random English guy I met dressed completely in black on the bridge at 4am. We both leant against the wall of the elevator trying to catch our breath but every time we made eye contact we automatically burst out laughing again.

As soon as we reached the 68th floor Dan took hold of my hand once again and gave it a tight squeeze.

We walked slower this time, through the hall way, at each corner Dan sticking his head out before we continued. Eventually we get to a series of smaller corridors which led to a fire escape, where we were once again thrown out to the wall of freezing air. Baffled by how he knew of this exact route, I followed Dan up a steel fire escape staircase with his arm now around my shoulder, assuming his reasoning was that we were now exposed to the descent below. However what I found interesting was the fear that I now felt about the 70 storey fall, and wondered why it was so different to the circumstance I was in just over an hour before- perhaps it was about control or maybe it was Dan who had a tight grip on my shoulders so that I could feel a sort of warm connection radiating from where I was pressed into his side.

Hiya, I'm a terrible person for not updating in so long. I'm also aware that this is very clunky because I've been writing like a sentence a week I swear. I'm also sorry for how short it is!! I'm going to try get chapter 3 out very soon, in the meantime if you wanna talk I'm always around haha <3

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