3 - Minor Car Difficulties

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Sage's first week of school flew by quickly. She was now gaining a sense of normalcy and by the time Monday rolled around and she started a new week, people seemed to forget about her.

She was thankful that random people weren't approaching her throughout the day anymore. Plus she was starting to gain acquaintances in some of her classes now.

Overall, she was starting to feel great about her new beginning. The previous anxiety she felt about starting at a new school no longer affected her. She was actually happy to be here, especially compared to her previous school.

Her experience for the first three years of high school drove her to transfer, she didn't want to deal with all of the drama there and was extremely glad to escape it.

She was basically caught up in her classes now too. She hadn't even been that far behind, plus she was a smart girl, so she didn't have much difficulty.

School on Monday went by like any other day. The two boys who had been rude to her, Matt and Dylan, finally showed up again today. They hadn't been at school since early last week, and when she glanced over at them in class their faces both held bruises and busted lips.

They must have pissed someone off majorly, well, other than her of course. She wasn't exactly capable of beating up two guys on her own. She'd be lying if she said she felt bad for them though.

Today she needed to run some errands. One of the downsides of being left home alone for weeks was also being left to deal with any issues she may encounter.

According to the worker at the gas station, her car required an oil change and she wasn't willing to risk letting it wait. She was no expert on cars, so she had no idea what would happen if she left it. Unfortunately, the budget her dad left her would not allow her to pay someone else to do it, so she was left on her own. Google would have to be her best friend today, YouTube might even make an appearance.

Once school was over she went home to begin her research. She spent an hour or so on her phone looking up how to do it step-by-step, and she even figured out what kind of oil and filter she needed, well kind of, she wasn't completely sure in all honesty.

This was going to be a breeze though. At least that's what she's aiming for, it seemed pretty simple in theory.

Sage made herself a sandwich and some chicken noodle soup for supper and then drove herself over to the nearest auto part store after finishing. Perhaps the workers there could even give her some advice.

She walked into the store and began looking at the signs to direct her to the correct aisle. The only time she ever came to stores like this was with her dad, but he always knew exactly what he needed and where he needed to go, the man was truly a genius when it came to handyman stuff.

Sage wandered around the aisles a bit until she was spotted by a worker. He was your average middle-aged man, with a slight pot belly and greying hair.

"Hello there, is there anything I can help you find?" he asked kindly.

"Yes, I'm looking for the things to change the oil in my car," Sage said rather cluelessly.

Despite her research, she really couldn't do much without knowing where the actual products she needed were. Plus, the gentleman helping her might be able to give her some tips too. He most likely knew more than she ever would.

The man responded politely, "Sure thing, just follow me."

He led her quickly a few aisles over and stopped right in front of the bottles of oil, "I do have another customer to attend to at the moment, but if you'd like I can send a co-worker over to help you out?"

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