Mine (Yandere!Leon X Reader)

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Request By ClaireRedfieldx
I'm so sorry for this. 😂✌🏻

You've been working with Leon for awhile now. Not only is your partner, he's your best friend. (#FriendZone)

When Leon isn't with you on missions or just hanging out with you, you talk to Piers. (He's magically alive now, ok?) For awhile now, he's been flirting with you.

After a long day of work, you met up with Piers for dinner.

"How's your day been?" He asks you.

"Stressful, you?"

"Rather not talk about it,"

"I'm sorry," you touched his hand.

His cheeks turn a little pink as you do so.

"Well, my days better now that I'm with you," he grins.

You smile at him as your cheeks have a blush on them.

"I always feel better when I'm around you," you say back before he kissed you.


"I had a great night with you," Piers told you as you walk into your apartment.

"I did too," you smile at him, "Goodnight,"


You close the door and walk towards your room. Even in the dark you know your way to it, but you bump into something- no, someONE.

Immediately, you try to run away before it grabs you.

You fail.

"Let go of me!" You struggle.

"It's just me,"

"Leon?! What the fuck! Not only did you give me a damn heart attack you also broke into my apartment!!" You yell at him, still a little scared.

He doesn't say anything, just pulls you close.

"WHAT do you think you're doing?" You try to pry him off you.

He wraps his arms around you and whispered in your ear, (hey little mama lemme whisper in your ear. #NotSorry) "Why were you with Piers?"

"Why do you care? You're not my boyfriend."

You felt him clench in anger.

"L-Leon? You're kinda scaring me,"

"(Y/n). . .I want you. . ."

"Jesus Christ, get out!" You push him off you, but he slams you against the wall.

"Leon. . . ?" Your eyes widen in fear.

A car passes by your window, light pours through showing his angered eyes filled with lust for a moment.

"Please--" a tear rolls down your cheek as he slams you against the wall again; knocking you out.


You wake up in a dark room, the floor was concrete and cold.

You got up immediately only to fall forward.

"What the fuck?" You yank at the chain on your ankle.

"It's to keep you from running away," He stepped into the faint light from the boarded up window.

"Let me go!" You pleaded

"It's so amusing, your crying." He grins and pins you to the floor and gets on top of you.

"Please, don't!"

"Piers might believe that your his, but," he places his face in the nape of your neck, "You're mine, (Y/n)."

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