No Just No

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Slight smut, don't know what exactly it is :/ read if you dare I suppose.

Ashton's POV

A sting exploded on my cheek and my back hit the floor making me grunt.

"It is one thing to steel my innocence and first kiss but it is another thing to take away my education!" My mate, Aspen screeched.

Anger exploded on me, making the air hot and thick.

"It's not like you fucking do anything anyway. For the past time I've known you, you seem pretty fucking boring. "  I hissed at him.

"That's some pretty brave words coming someone who fucked me!" He retorted.

"Because you're my mate!" I snapped.

"Yeah you only fucked me because I'm your stupid mate! If I wasn't you wouldn't have done it!" He growled at me.

"Yes I would of because you're hot and innocent . " I growled back.

"Oh go fuck your whore. " He mumbled and turned around towards the door.

No, he wasn't getting away from me. Not now, not ever.

I slithered an arm around his waist and slammed his back against my chest. He made a little gasp and squeal in surprise.

"Gladly." I growled darkly in his ear. He shuddered against me. I smirked while sliding a hand slowly in his jeans and under his boxers.

"No. Stop. " He sputtered quickly.

I didn't reply and wrapped my long fingers around his member. He gasped and jump against my back, obviously feeling the mate sparks.

I felt him harden. Good. I thought.

"You want a break from this right?" I mumbled in his ear. He nodded vigorously. "Then pack your things."

Aspen snarled. "No. You don't own me."

I saw red. Like fuck I didn't own him. He is mine. He will always be mine.

I pushes his head aside, showing his hickey covered neck. I licked up his soft neck, making him gasp.

"A-ash p-please ." He begged. I know he wanted me to stop. But I didn't. I was pissed and of course horny.

I bit his neck first without my canines, making him whimper and bite his lip.

"You. Belong. To. Me." I growled, sinking my canines into his neck.

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