Chapter 14 | Ghosts and Ghosts to be

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Hidden behind a bush, Percy's heart was at his throat as he looked at the army before him. They were too many. Apparantly these Frios people looked like half bear people. Some of them have really big scars and injuries but it just made them look more dangerous.

Nothing like this has ever happened in his 2 months at Xilphain, and judging the prople's faces and reactions this was rare.Maybe this is what they need for the army.

So where the Hades are they?

He saw Felixians, Tarates, Yetes, Mariams, and other species tied up the front of the school. He saw Xanaia's classmates and teachers. At the end of the line, Mrs. Wasline and Xanaia are on their knees. All of them wearing scared expressions but also kept silent. The front leader of the Frios army is saying something to them.

"Stupid fry army ruining everything."He muttered.

He declined the army because he wanted peace, and he knew he wouldn't find it in the army. And it's not because of the fights and battles they would go through but because it would always remind him of them. But now, it seems like trouble just never leaves him. And now, fighting won't be the same because he doesn't have his powers over water anymore and he hasn't practiced for 2 months in sword play.

"Styx."he cursed.

Suddenly, he heard a commotion. He peered towards them and saw the teachers and Mrs. Wasline trying to get out from being tied up. Mrs wasline hid Xanaia behind her even wuth her hands tied, and so did the other teachers and parents to the students. The Frios had guns and daggers held out in the direction of the teachers.


Percy frowned, not knowing the menaing of the word.


Guns clicking and daggers held higher was enough for Percy to understand that the Frios was goind to kill them. His eyes widened and went to jump out to help them but a hand held him back.

"Percy. Wh-"


Immediately, Percy covered his ears whdn he heard the guns and shouts. He looked up and saw Xiana looking wide-eyed and tear stained.

"M-mom? Xa-Xanaia."she whispered.

Percy glanced towards the scene and saw teachers, some students and parents littered on the floor, dead.

And among them was Mrs. Niza Wasline.

Percy was stuck in his place. He wanted to look away but he couldn't move. He stared at Xanaia, still chained up, crying trying to hold her mother up with her feet because she was hanging by the rope in her hands.

Suddenly, Xiana stood up. Tears were falling from her eyes and her whole body is shaking with rage.

"Xiana."he called.

She ignored him and started walking towards the Frios army, who are laughing at their new kill. Halfway, they noticed her walking towards them. Xanaia stared at her sister and gasped but Xiana had her attention towards the Frios Commander, who raised his head looking straight into her eyes.

"Xiana Wasline."he smirked. "How nice of you to join us."every Frios started laughing hysterically.

Xiana didn't answer him and that's when Percy stood up to join her. He didn't know how they knew her but he wasn't going to leave her alone. Breathing heavily, he started to make his way towards them.

However, Xiana didn't wait for him to come before attacking. She threw her hand to her side and grew her claws out. Something not every Felixian can do. She screamed and slashed both hands on the commanders chest in an X manner.

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