Liam's POV:

My body was hot.

I groaned in pleasure as I gripped the bed sheets tightly. A soft moan escaped my lips as the sting of the cat o' nine tails coursed through my body. Blakey rubbed my abused butt cheeks before unexpectedly bringing the whip back down onto the tender spots of my bum.

"Another great performance tonight, love." My mate told me proudly, causing me to smile despite the tears running down my face. It has been a couple of months since my first performance at The Sanctuary and since then, my friends and I have been performing every Friday and Saturday night. I was more shocked with myself than anybody that I actually liked being on stage. It was such a rush to be part of a band and to be able to share our talents with the members of the club.

"T-Thank you, Daddy." I mumbled before sinking my teeth into my bottom lip. I could hear Blake chuckle behind me as he swung the whip in the air again. My anticipation for the next strike caused my muscles to tense while I arched my back a little more and buried my face into the pillow.

As the whip came in contact with my skin, the tension immediately disbursed, and I melted into the bed like a puddle of ice-cream. Ooh, ice-cream sounds delicious right now.

"Good boy. You're such a good boy, love." Blakey said to me as he dropped the whip to the ground. I listened as the zip of his pants' fly came down before both of his hands gripped my waist. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and knelt down so that his breath was fanning my burning skin. I whimpered as he kissed my butt cheeks before running his tongue over the prominent welts. His spit soothed them instantly and made me moan louder as I pushed back against his face.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Someone's impatient." He chuckled lowly. I stilled, knowing that it was the only warning I would get for moving without his permission. I nearly screamed as he forcefully tore my underwear from my body and buried his face between my butt cheeks. My breath hitched in my throat once his tongue breached the ring of my rosebud.

"Blakey!" I cried out as I came. The feeling was explosive, but I knew that I was in trouble. My mate never gave me permission to cum, and to do so without permission would only result in two things; a look of disappointment and a penis ring.

I whined as Blakey removed his tongue from me and backed away from my body. Even though I wasn't looking at him, I could already feel his disappointment sinking into me like an anchor. Blakey was hardly ever displeased with me, but the rare moments that he was felt like absolute torture. I didn't like it, and obviously, neither did he.

"This was supposed to be a reward, love." My mate said as I listened to him walk around the room.

"I'm sorry, D-Daddy! I didn't me-mean to." I replied dejectedly. Blake sighed as he picked up some things from the different shelves before returning to my side. He turned my face so that I was looking at him now, and quickly pecked my lips.

"I know you didn't, love. But, I still have to give you a punishment. Okay?"

"Y-yes, Sir!" I said, making Blakey smile before kissing my lips again.

"Good boy."


"Back so soon?" Mistress Sierra questioned teasingly. "Liam's reward sessions usually last about an hour or two."

I blushed as Blakey sat down and drew me into his lap. He made me face our group of friends while resting my back against his chest. I felt overly exposed since my penis was still hard, restrained by a penis ring and some tight fitting pants. However, I didn't complain nor tried to cover myself since this was my punishment. Humiliation.

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