"Come, I'll give you the excitement you are looking for."

He stood up and held his hand out to her. She looked at it and debated whether what she was about to do was the right thing. She knew that logically it was far from right, but she placed her hand in his anyway. The sinful exhilaration that burst through her was raging to be let out, and if this man could do that, she would take his offer.

He led her away from the loud music and into the lobby of the grand hotel.

"I'm staying at the penthouse here," he claimed as they walked towards the elevators at the end of the room.

Once they were standing in front of them he pressed the up button. It didn't take long before they heard a "ding" indicating the arrival of their lift. Both stepped in with hesitant steps. Both thinking of what they were about to do at that moment was in any way ethical, of course, it was not.

Time seemed to go slower in that small enclosed space and the temperature seemed to rise. Richard looked down at Ines who was texting on her phone, he noticed the name on the screen as "Stella".

The same "ding" came once again and they stepped out. Richard led the way to the penthouse and Ines slowly followed behind. Once they had reached the door Richard slid his door key and opened the door.

"Would you like some wine?" He asked as he placed his wallet and keys on the small circular table next to the entrance, Ines did the small only she placed her purse and phone down. She had made sure to turn it off for the evening, she didn't want unnecessary calls coming through.

"Yes please."

"Red or white?" He asked as he stuck his head in the cabinet.


Richard came back into the living area with two glasses of red wine, he handed one to Ines and kept the other for himself. They both drank, one in one whole gulp finished their drink while the other took little sips. Richard placed his empty glass on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa and beckoned for Ines to join him. She timidly sat next to him while still drinking her drink. Richard though could not take the slowness of the pace she was at and so took her drink from her and placed the glass next to his, and in one motion he had her in his hands. Her breathing became heavier with the closeness of his body, but she did not push him away instead looped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. His lips soon found hers and with hungry hands, he roamed her body from her silk like legs up to her small waist.

She knew that this sinful behavior of hers would bring no good, but if she could feel like that at least for that night she didn't care what the outcome would bring. All she knew at that moment was that she didn't want it to end, she wanted him to continue his wrongful actions and for his teasing hands to never let go.


"Where is Ines?" Alessio asked as he looked at the empty dining chair next to him.

"She went out with Miss Costa, she did not give her specific location to me before leaving," Antonio, the butler, said.

"Did she mention what time she would be arriving at?"

Antonio shook his head and proceeded to serve Alessio's dinner to him.

Alessio looked down at his Rolex and noticed that is was already ten in the evening. He had arrived late from a busy day in the office and had not eaten since lunch, so he did not care how late it was at that moment to have dinner.

He started to eat his chicken, but could not get Ines and her well being out of his head. He fished for his iPhone in his pocket and pressed on her contact, he placed the phone to his ear and waited for it to ring, but it did not. Her phone must have been off.

In anger, he slammed his fist on the wooden table making the silverware clatter. Antonio noticed the spill of water that had been caused by Alessio's actions and hurried to clean the table.

"It's not like her to stay out late," Alessio mumbled in frustration.

"She went out with her sister they both probably lost track of the time, Sir."

"Your right." Alessio went quiet right after and continued to eat his dinner in silence. She was probably having fun, she didn't have much of that within the house. He should have been happy that she was having a blast out, but he wasn't, instead, it made a small pit of rage boil in him. He did not like the feeling so he tried to push it away, but as he ate it was still there, haunting him.

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