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Light jazz played in the large room filled with elegantly dressed people. Although at first glance it looked like nothing more than a fancy club where stuck up rich elite went to drink or smoke, if you took a longer glance and really analyzed thoroughly, you would notice the people there were looking for more than just that. The people there were looking for an escape from their highly scheduled lives and controlling partners. One man in particular at the far end corner where few lingered was there to find a single woman to take his mind off of the life he led. He wanted that sweet taste of ecstasy, even if it was just for one night.

" Has someone caught your eye already?" Stella asked her gawking sister.

Ines did not hear her sister's question, she was too intrigued with the mysterious man. She could not deny that she was captivated by his beauty and resemblance to another face she had seen earlier that day, she could not pinpoint his it though. Maybe if she were to be standing closer to him and his face was cast by a better ray of light, she would be able to recognize him, but until she gathered the courage to walk up to him she would not know.

"It's obvious that he has sparked an interest in you. If you do not act now another will go and seize him from your gaze. I say go now or you will regret it later." Stella sipped on her red wine as she observed her older sister take a small step forward, but she paused there.

Ines's feet felt heavy and with just that one step she had taken she was already tired. She didn't feel like continuing on but the small fire that burned in her stomach helped her push through. Her nervous were at their height because she had not done anything like that, that being the thought of another man touching her in ways only her husband would ever be allowed to. Even though she knew her desires were not right at that moment she did not care, she wanted to feel loved by a man even if it was just for that night.

She was soon standing just a couple of feet from him. His eyes trailed on random couples scattered across the room, and at that moment she recognized those eyes. His blue orbs were the same ones from the cafe from that morning. He was the man that had been staring at her, and as well as the man that Alessio had gone to talk to. She seemed to not be able to move anymore. He knew her husband and that was not good. Her body went to turn but paused halfway when his eyes ended up landing on her. She was a deer caught in bright head lights.

He stared at her hoping that if he did it long enough she would get the message and sit down next to him. It took her a while but she soon understood it and slowly made her way to the black leather chaise he was sitting at. She gave him a small smile before sitting down.

"You're the lovely lady from the cafe, the one Alessio approached." He knew who she was, he had seen her on many magazine covers next to Alessio, she was his stunning wife. Alessio was lucky to call her his because any man would be jealous, she was that perfect looking.

"Yeah, that's me." She looked down at her wine glass trying to avert his piercing stare.

"What brings you here?" He wanted to know why she was all alone there.

Her eyes lifted and she looked at him through long lashes. "The need of excitement." Her answer was curt but that was all she needed to say for him to understand her.

Was her dear Alessio not giving her the pleasure she needed, the pleasure that she deserved? His long fingers traced her jaw and soon got tangled into her dark locks. He was staring down at her and she at him.

"And have you found that excitement yet?"


A wide smirk embellished his full lips. He would give her just what she was looking for. With his hand that was tangled in her hair, he pushed her head closer to him. His breathing was now fanning her face and it caused her to close her eyes. He lowered his face down towards her neck where his lips found that sensitive spot under her ear. Her breathing became harder and he smiled against her skin.

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