(4) Broken Angel

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After 20 minutes, Grace had still not come back. I was a bit worried about her because she was so small and weak. Anything could happen to her.

Slowly I got up and put on my jeans. I walked down the ladder and outside the barn. I couldn't see her so I walked around the barn. Nothing. Perhaps she had gone to the fields. I ran there, looking around for her but there was nothing.

"Grace?" I called out. Nothing "Grace?!" I shouted. Still nothing. "Grace! I'm sorry but please come back, I'm so worried about you!" Still no sound.

Nerves shook me and I ran back to the barn. She had taken everything with her. My body started shaking as I opened up my wings and left the ground. I flew high up above the ground but I couldn't see any mortals at all. I moved lower, scanning the ground but still I saw nothing.

Why the hell did I have to shout at her? Sure, it was bad that she saw what she did but that was mainly my fault and I should have believed her when she said she wouldn't tell a soul.

Thing is, being an angel, you can't take risks with anyone other than other angels. Humans tend to lie for their own personal gain and I'd never met a trustworthy one until I met Grace. And I didn't even trust her.

And now she could be anywhere. She was vulnerable and I knew her fiancee was a powerful man. Rich and greedy. Two concepts that went hand in hand but had disastrous effects.

That night, when Grace found me on the floor, she had saved my life. She cleaned my wounds and most importantly fixed my wings. Without them, I couldn't be an angel any longer.

The daemon who had fought me was extremely powerful. Much more powerful than any mortal. The fight was bloody. He had got out of it in a much better shape than me and would've finished me off if it were not for Grace. This is because it is bad for a mortal to see a daemon. Whereas angels look very human and can hide their wings, daemons look like nothing in the mortal world. Their faces are dark and their features are indistinguishable. They don't have eyes, they see through their other senses. They have big, sharp teeth, each tooth shaped like a small dagger and just as sharp as one. One bite could tear a human apart. Their claws are like knives and one small scratch of a claw on a mortal could be fatal.

However, it is not in the best interest of a daemon to kill a human. Daemons want to get rid of angels first so the humans have no one to protect them. Only then will they kill them. Right now they are scared that the humans could band together and the angels would do the same so they don't want humans to see them. The few humans that have seen daemons have been killed.

I needed to save Grace and I needed to kill the daemon that had tried to kill me.

Feeling defeated, I decided to stay in the barn until morning to see if she came back. But there was nothing and no one for a whole month.


I had been running for around 30 minutes when I came to the town. I looked around for a place to stay and found an old pub that had a few rooms available. It was good enough so I paid for my room and slipped in an extra 5 pounds asking them not to tell anyone I was here.

I ended up staying up staying a month. The room was cosy and cheap and I still hadn't made up my mind what I wanted to do next. The bartender said that some topless man had come in looking for me but she told him I wasn't here. I was very thankful. I didn't want to be holding him back.

Anyway, that night the door burst open and standing there, just like in every nightmare, was Henry, my fiancee.

I was in bed but gasped and slid to the furthest corner of the room.

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