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Mark POV

     Great... Jack heard what happened... I don't understand my sexuality anymore or if I have a crush on Jack. Putting my head in my hands, I groan. Totally fucked up now. What am I gonna do? What's my sexuality? Do I like Jack? My student? Someone interrupts my thoughts by calling my name.

     "Mark? Are you okay," a similar voice asks behind me. I turn around to be face to face with a good friend of mine, Bob. Should I tell him what happened? Yeah... It's best. He'll help me get through this.

     "I need to talk to you," I say to Bob. We head to my office and sit down.

Time skip cause I'm not gonna explain again xD

     I finished telling him what happened, my face red from the awkward story. His face suddenly softens and he smiles at me. 

     "Okay, so first it seems you have a crush on your student, Jack. Second, you're probably bi sexual from what I hear," he says making me sigh.

     "But Jack is probably having a lot of trouble processing this. You should give him space till he's ready to confront you."

     "What if he doesn't!? How am I gonna make him understand!? And for God's sake, he's my student," I start freaking out.

     "Mark, you need to calm down. That may happen, but know that I'm here for you if something happens. I will gladly talk to him about this if you like."

     I freeze at what he said. Moving my head to look at him with confusion, "really? You'd do that?"

     "Of course! If it stops you from freaking out," he exclaims, laughing a little. I playfully punch him in the arm. We say our good byes. I hope everything goes fine...


     I wake up to my alarm blaring in my ears. Slamming my hand on the clock, I groan. I grab an outfit, throwing it on, not caring what I wear. I walk down stairs ignoring my mom as she says good bye to me. As I enter the school, I head to my locker and find someone standing in front of it.

     "Um... Excuse me, but this is my locker," I say walking up to the man. He looks my way and smiles. Why is he smiling at me?

     "Hey Jack," he puts his hand out toward me.

     "Who are you?"

     "The names Bob. I'm Mark's friend."


     "Oh, yeah. Mr. Fischbach to you."

     The memory hits me. Coach Fischbach did say his name is Mark... Then Coach doing... yeah...

     "Oh... um. So, what do you want," I ask shifting uncomfortably. 

     "Well, this may be weird, but I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday with Mark. To help you get through this."

     I look at him with a confused look. Why would he want to help me get through this? Yeah, it's weird, but why him? I just nod my head and we head somewhere private.

     "So, what did you want to say," I ask him.

     "How do you feel about this?"

     I think over everything that happened with me and Mark. It made me feel... strange.

     "It was strange... but some how, comforting.."

     He looks at me with shock. Dammit Jack! Now he's gonna think you're weird! His mouth turns into a smile. What? What's he thinking? He's okay with this!?

     "So you're okay with him like this? Liking you?"

     Mark likes me!? He did masturbate because of me... My face turns red at the thought. "I-I don't know... But for h-him to like m-me suddenly... it's nice I g-guess.."

     "How do you feel about him?"

     How do I feel about him? I think hard about this but can't come to a conclusion.

     "I honestly don't know."

     "What feeling does he give you?"

     Okay... Be honest with yourself, Jack. When I first saw him, it was hard to look away... He has the right amount of tan skin and is very fit. I get lost in his dark brown eyes, like I'm in a forest in the middle of the night that is scary but also very comforting. The way he looked at me just filled me with happiness because his attention is on me. Only me. And when I found out he was touching himself because of me... I don't know. But now I can't get dirty thoughts out of my head when it comes to him.

     "Is that so? Sounds to me like you like him."

     My face turns bright red, "d-did I-I s-say that out l-loud?!"

     He nods his head. But since I think over what I thought/said, I'm confused. Do I like Mark more than a teacher? How am I gonna be able to live this year if I have dirty thoughts about my teacher that supposedly likes me back!?!


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