Feeling's Part 6.

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We walked to the kitchen and I saw Mac Donald's making me smile big. I saw Hailey busy on her phone making me sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her neck.

Y/n:"Babe..."I said making her hum"You heard Kenny...feed me"I said making her giggle and face me.

Hailey:"The Mac Donald's or me?"She asked making me chuckle but smirk.

Y/n:"I like the second option a lot better then Mac Donald's"I said kissing her neck making her giggle.

Hailey:"And here I thought I'd get dessert from you"She said making me pull away and stare at her in shock. Earlier was like a dream to me honestly and to think she wanted to do it again made me want to push her against the wall and rip her clothes off.

Y/n:"Wait..."I said trying to process what she just said"So you're telling me you uh want to repeat earlier?"I asked making her nod and smile at me.

Hailey:"Babe there's a lot you don't know about me...."She said pecking my lips and walking away. I stayed in place trying to think of what she just said. My thoughts were killing me right now and the thought of someone touching her that way and her touching someone that way made my blood boil.

I decided not to dismiss it for now and grab my food and walked to the couch. I sat next to Hailey and Bella making them both steal from me. They both looked at me and shrugged.

Hailey:"I'm your girlfriend and you love me"She said making me nod and looked towards Bella to see her looking at us with her mouth hanging open like the rest.

Y/n:"You might catch flies love"I said closing her mouth.

Gigi:"Fuck the flies!"She said looking at Hailey and I. We looked at them confused.

Kendall:"You guys said I love you?"She asked. We both blushed remembering it and nodded.

Hailey:"Yeah....It just happened today actually"She said blushing making me chuckle.

Kylie:"Oh my god!"She said waking up with the rest of them and hugging us.

Kendall:"Y/n/n has a heart again"She said making pout.

Y/n:"Kenny.."I whined"I always had a heart"I said pouting at her. She giggled and kissed my cheek.

Kylie:"Yeah it was frozen tho"She said making me pout more. I looked at Hailey who kissed my pout making me smile."Awww"She said squishing my cheeks and kissing them.

Gigi:"You guys are way to cute"She said.

Kylie:"Aww thanks!"She said making me roll my eyes and chuckle.

Y/n:"She's talking about me and Hails, Ky"I said making her pout and send me a glare.

Kylie:"Our ship just died right there"She said making me chuckle and kiss her cheek.

Y/n:"You know I love you stupid"I said making her smile and fan herself.

Kylie:"Omg! Can't you see how I'm fangirling right now"She said making me chuckle and shake my head.

Bella:"You guys are extremely cute though...cuter then G and Zayn and that's just scary"She said making both myself and Hails chuckle.

Hailey:"Thanks Bells"She said. We all talked and watched a few movies and decided to call it a night since we were all pretty tired. I showed the girls their rooms and walked to see Hails in my shirt and under the covers. I closed the door and changed, I took out my jeans and shirt leaving me in my boxes. I jumped on the bed and looked at Hailey.

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