Feeling's Part 5.

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I sat frozen in my spot shocked. Did she really just say she loves me. I was speechless but I was beyond happy at this. I've been waiting weeks to say that to her and here she is telling me she loves me.

Y/n:"Uh maybe we should-"I cut her off by smashing my lips against hers kissing her with as much passion as I could. I pulled away and looked at her.

Hailey:"I'm in love with you Y/n Y/s/n Y/l/n"I said making her smile.

Y/n:"Really?"She asked making me nod and kiss her again. She kissed back and pulled away after a few minute's.

Hailey:"I love you"I said smiling at her making her smile big and kiss my lips.

Y/n:"I love you too"She said inches away from my lips. I connected our lips and felt my whole body jolt with electricity. She rested her hands on my waist pulling me closer.

Hailey:"We should continue this at your place"I said pulling away catching my breathe making her nod and wake up.

Y/n:"We definitely should..."She said extending her hand for me to take. We drove over to the apartment in silence thinking about what just happened.

I couldn't whip the huge smile that was on my face. Every time I thought about what she told me I felt the butterflies in my stomach go insane and my heart race like crazy. We arrived at her apartment and walked in.

Hailey:"So what-"I was cut off my lips on mine kissing me hungrily. I was shocked at first but kissed back wrapping my arms around her neck. She pulled me closer to her and rested her hands on my ass. 

Y/n:"Jump"She mumbled against her lips making me jump and wrap my legs around her as she carried me upstairs to the bedroom. I was so lost in her kisses that I didn't even know that we were in the room until I felt soft silk sheets. I tugged her shirt making her pull away and look at me"Are you-"I cut her off by removing her shirt for her and pulling her closer to me.

Hailey:"Shut up and kiss me"I said pulling her in for a kiss.  She kissed back and put her hands by each side of my head hovering over me. I ran  my hands down her back making her let out a moan.

She kissed from my lips going to my jaw and then my neck finding my sweet spot. I moaned as she found my sweet spot sucking on it marking me.

Hailey:"Babe..I-I have a photoshoot later"I said making her pull away and look at me. Her eyes were darker and filled with lust.

Y/n:"They can cover it up"She said going back to my neck making me arch my back a little"You're mine"She said in my ear sending shivers down my back.

Hailey:"All yours"I said kissing her neck and sucking on it making her moan. I flipped her over and straddled her grinding down on her. She let out a loud moan and pulled away looking at me.

Y/n:"Hailey-"I cut her off by kissing her and biting her lip pulling away and looking at her.

Hailey:"I wanna try something...."I said making her look at me confused.

Y/n:"What-"I put my finger in her lips cutting her off. I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.

Hailey:"Just relax..."I said biting her ear and kissing her neck going down. I left a trail of kisses going from her neck to her jeans. I undid the button and pulled down the zipper making her stop my hands.

Y/n:"Hailey...you don't have to do anything. We could just cuddle and watch movies"She said. I smiled and pecked her lips.

Hailey:"Babe..just trust me. I want this..."I said making her look hesitant. I slipped my hand in her jeans and rubbed her member making her moan.

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