Chapter four

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                   I paced around my hotel room. I didn’t really know what to do from here. I had no idea what to do after this. Kat and I would have to find a way to both live together and not  kill each other. The hard part was going to be convincing Kathryn that they should move the pack back to my territory. It was essential though if the plan was to work. I picked up his phone and called Kat. “We need to talk” I say

“I was just going to call you” She said sounding surprised “Meet me at my house in a half hour”

I scoffed "No, meet me in the woods, in ten minutes" My voice commanding 

Kat raised her voice "My house" She said again "Thirty minute"  

"The woods. In Ten" I say growling. I knew one of us would have to give in but it wasn't going to be me. No, in fact it couldn't be me. It had to be her. I heard her laugh on the other line 

"The woods" She said at last "thirty minutes" This I agreed to. 

             "So what did you want to talk about" Kat asks. She was nothing special, she stood at 5'8 and had short brown hair and blue eyes. She was a less than average in looks, but she made up for in it ferocity and loyalty. 

"The future" I say 

"What do you mean?" She says her eyebrows rising and I knew I was treading on dangerous ground. 

"I think we should move your pack to my territory" I rushed out, as she opened her mouth to protest I spoke again "Here me out." I say "My pack house is big enough to fix both of our packs" He says "And it's already on the edge near your territory". I could see it turning over in her mind and she was clearly trying to find a fault with it. 

By the time I was sure she was going to refuse she shook her head "Okay" She says "That makes sense" 

"Let's go tell the pack" I say joyfully. My plan was working.

"So" Kathryn announced in front of her back "I have some exciting news" She looked so powerful up there like she belonged. "I have found my mate" a cheer went up from the crowd. She beckoned me up "His name is Jason Hans" I walked onto the stage looking over her pack. It contained mostly females but they all looked as if they can hold their own. 

"Hello" I say gently "it is a pleasure to be here. To be Kathryn's mate" I say giving them a wink 

Kat rolled her eyes but was grinning "We have decided to connect our packs" she says "And we are going to live in his pack house" As I had expected there were some protest, but surprisingly Kat got it under control in under three minutes. 

And here's to another chapter. A short one again. I would really love it if you guys comment, vote and share word of my story. Thanks so much for reading. ~Love Kat

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