(3) Broken Angel

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The first few hours of sleep were amazing. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Every fear and every trouble seemed to drift away completely.

However, later I started to get restless. My once sweet dreams that were filled with thoughts of Angelo, turned to nightmares where Henry would be chasing me still.

One dream even went so far that Henry had me half naked over his bed again. Just as he was about to hurt me, I shot up.

Beads of sweat trailed down my forehead and I was shivering. I didn't scream and I didn't cry but my head was pounding and as I looked around, Angelo was nowhere to be seen.

I was worried that he may have left me until I heard a strange noise from below in the barn. I wanted to investigate, so making the smallest amount of noise possible, I shifted so I could see down below.

What I saw shocked me so much, I had to bite on my hand to stop myself from gasping.

Angelo was on his knees, wearing nothing but his boxers. He was leant forward slightly and his hands were held in prayer. His wings were fully outstretched and were shining like diamonds, the only thing lighting up the barn.

He was chanting something. Something in a language I had never heard. It was clearly not human.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared. So bright, I thought it may blind me. It was a figure but it was too bright to tell whether it was female or male. The voice was just as hard to decipher. It had a pitch so low it would sound male but it made a quiet screaming sound that sounded very female. It was very confusing.

"Hello dear Angelo." The voice said, quiet and endearing but with a hint of authority behind this.

Angelo leant until his full body was on the ground, praising this human light bulb.

He responded with a word I did not understand.

"How were you after the fight with the daemon?" Asked the glowing person.

"I was not too badly injured but he left a stab wound in my shoulder that didn't heal for quite a few hours." There was a pause. "The girl upstairs, she helped me heal. She cleaned my wounds and helped me fix my wings." He looked down as he said the last part.

There was a girlish scream and sobs from the glowing person and the light dimmed. "She saw your wings?" The thing said with an almost pleading tone.

"Yes" Angelo confessed. "But there was no other way, they wouldn't fold in and they were bringing me excruciating pain. There was no way to hide them from her." He said, his head hanging low.

"And your still with her?" Asked the mysterious voice.

Angelo nodded. "I have to repay the kindness she showed me. I have never met such a kind and empathetic, beautiful mortal. She is truly a gemstone in the human race."

My heartbeat quickened as he said this. He was so kind.

Angelo continued. "There is something that happened, something in her past which I have sworn not to tell anyone about. But this problem is going to hold her back for life if I don't sort it out. She will never trust a man again. Although, perhaps that wouldn't be so bad." He added as a mumble on the end. What had he meant by that?

The voice laughed and the light brightened. "Do what you have to do then come back to me. We have all been long awaiting your arrival." And with nothing else left to say, the light flickered then disappeared.

Angelo rose from the ground and slowly his wings began to flutter. Soon, they were flapping fast and he was laughing. About a minute later, he took off from the ground and went outside to the cornfields, flying just above the field with his arms outstretched, feeling the plants beneath his fingers, his wings glistening in the moonlight.

He was only outside for around 10 minutes and I couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful creature. I had not imagined his wings and tomorrow, I would confront him about them.

About 20 minutes later, the perfect temperature of Angelo's painfully perfect body, slid against mine in our 'bed'. He kissed my cheek before we both fell asleep again.

The next morning I turned over and Angelo was lying down, eyes focused on me.

"Hey" I smiled, shuffling towards him.

He smiled back and opened his arms so I could lay in them. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. It was very strange, it was almost as if it was going in slow motion. His heart only beat about once every 2 minutes. I was fascinated and snuggled down even further to him.

He wrapped his arms around me. One arm around my shoulders, one around my waist and he softly stroked my hair. "Good morning sunshine." He whispered, smiling.

I gently kissed his chest and he shuddered and squeezed me tight. "How did you sleep last night?" I asked softly stroking his muscles with a fingertip.

He shuddered again and his muscles rippled. "I slept perfectly." He replied. "How about you?" He asked with a slight edge on his voice.

"I did wake up once." I said quietly.

His body tensed. "But you went straight back to sleep right?"

"Well I was going to but you weren't there and then I saw you downstairs with the glowing figure." I said, looking up at him to see his expression.

His eyes turned black and he pushed me away from him. "And you saw my..."

"Wings" I nodded. "And I heard what you said about me." I added with a blush and small smile.

"You shouldn't have seen that." He said shaking his head and pacing.

I looked at him cautiously "I'm sorry, I won't tell anyone. I was just worried about you."

"And how do I know you won't tell anyone?" He growled.

I looked down at my feet. For the first time after meeting this guy, I felt scared. "You just have my word for it. I promise." I said looking directly in his eyes.

He growled again and punched the side of the barn, creating a hole with light flooding in. He seemed unaffected. He didn't even flinch when his hand went through the wood. "And what the hell is the promise of a mere mortal going to do? You lie constantly, always selfish and rude."

Tears started building in my eyes. "I know but like you said yourself, I'm different. I don't want to harm anyone."

Angrily, Angelo stomped out of the barn. "Get dressed, we need to get some supplies."

With that I broke down. He didn't trust me. I put on some old jeans and a t-shirt, quickly combed my hair and put on a layer of mascara before running out.

Angelo didn't even look at me as we began to walk towards the town. He still had on just that one pair of jeans he had always been wearing, yet they didn't look crumpled or dirty at all. They looked fresh.

We walked towards the food store and he grabbed some supplies. We didn't talk all the time and Angelo didn't look at me once. Did I repulse him that much?

When we got back to the barn we ate in silence. We got dressed in silence then went to bed in silence. Angelo stayed as far away as possible.

In the middle of the night, when I thought Angelo was asleep, I got up.

"Where are you going?" He asked even though he was turned away from me.

"I er need the bathroom" I said quickly.

I tiptoed to the ladder and grabbed my rucksack.

"Why do you need that?" He questioned, suspicion thick in his voice.

"Lady problems." I said simply and he nodded.

I got downstairs, grabbed my bag and with one quick glance back, I reluctantly ran as fast as I could away from that barn.

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