Feeling's Part 4.

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I was extremely nervous to meet Hailey's parents I mean who wouldn't be nervous to meet their girlfriend's parents but nevertheless I will man up and do it plus I would like to ask her parents if it's fine to be with their daughter...even though it's a little late cause I know how important her parents are to her. I changed into this👇

I sat on the  bed and waited for Hailey while I answered a few emails and messages from people

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I sat on the  bed and waited for Hailey while I answered a few emails and messages from people. I heard the door open reveling a very beautiful Hailey Baldwin. I smiled at her while she walked to the dresser putting on a little makeup. I walked behind her and kissed the nap of her neck.

Y/n:"You don't need makeup baby...you're already beautiful"I said looking at her. I saw her blush and try and hide it making me chuckle"Don't hide your blush...makes you look more beautiful"I said making her turn a darker shade of red.

Hailey:"Baby...stop"She said hiding her face. I chuckled and kissed her cheek. She turned around and smirked at me"Are you less excited now?"She asked amused making me scratch my neck and nod embarrassed.

Y/n:"Yeah...I'm sorry about that...I couldn't really contain myself especially when you're a tease"I said looking at her. She giggled and shook her head grabbing my jersey and putting in on. It's only been a few weeks that we're dating but damn did she look good in my clothes.

Hailey:"If you're done starring babe we can go"She said smirking. I chuckled and grabbed my phone and wallet.

Y/n:"I'm never done starring at you"I said making her brush and nudge me a little. We walked to the garage and hopped in my Range Rover. We started driving and I looked at Hailey"Where to babe?"I asked looking back at the road.

Hailey:"Uh....Asiate"She said. I nodded and intertwined our fingers while driving there. My nerves grew as we got closer to the destination and I was beyond nervous now. I really wanted her parents to like me cause they're the most important people to her"Babe..."She said kissing my neck while I as driving.

Y/n:"Yeah?"I asked sighing. She pulled away and kissed my cheek as we stopped at a red light.

Hailey:"My parents are going to love you...you're a sweetheart and they are already big fans of you so just chill"She said pecking my lips.

Y/n:"Whatever you say"I mumbled and started driving again. We arrived at the restaurant and I took a deep breathe making her pull me in for a long kiss.

Hailey:"You're gonna be fine and they will love you...you're amazing babe"She said making me smile. I nodded and got out, walking to her side and opening the door for her"My prince charming..."She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"My princess.."I said making her blush. We walked in and spotted her parents who waved at us. We walked over to them and she greeted them and turned to me.

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