Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Luna Cromwell

I slowly walked into my small cell as the iron door slammed shut behind me. I walked over to the small, old sink and looked at the mirror above it. Damn some blood was dripping down my lip and I had a cut on the side of my face.

" Oh shit what the hell did you do lu," my cellmate of about 2 years, Justin said from his bunk. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. I splashed some water on my face to get the blood off. I then pealed my sticky, sweaty shirt off my small frame, leaving me in my bra. vigorously scrubbing away at the shirt in an attempt to get the leftover blood from it, I soon gave up deeming it good enough to put up to dry.

" Hello, lu are you listening. Lu..." a long pause ensued until, louder than necessary, the idiot yelled, "Luna fucking Cromwell listen before I kick your ass" I glared at him, not taking the threat to heart, and went to my bunk. laying down with my hands behind my head I let out a small grunt of pain then a sigh. let's just say I wasn't exactly in the mood to have a full on conversation right now.

•••••••••• about 2 hours earlier ••••••••••

"You bitch " I spun around and looked for who said that. I'm one of the top dogs around here and no one I will repeat no one shall talk to me in such a vulgar manner. Ha, who am I kidding it just ticks me off.

I saw a guy about probably 6 foot and kinda muscular grinning at me with his arms crossed his chest. " I'm guessing you're the disgusting pig who called me a bitch?" I said with a smirk and people began backing up noticing how I was ready to fight.

" sure as hell was and " he looked me up and Down " daddy wants a quick fuck be a doll and come over here"

I smiled and began walking over to him as people began whispering. Once I stood a few feet from him my smile dropped and I kicked him in the face and placed my hand in on the ground to steady myself during it. I could feel the impact and let's just say it didn't feel good for him.

I straightened up and looked at him. He got back up and I could see pure hate in his eyes. " you slut how dare you" he began swinging at me and I dodged the first round and stepped back with my hands behind my back.

" I like the look of hate in your eyes," I said with a laugh and out of now where I got punched in the jaw

" shut it" I turned to see another guy standing there and he walked over to his I'm guessing friend and put an arm around him.

I glared at him and shifted my feet and wiped the blood dripping from my lip. I will give him this he pacts one hell of a punch but not good enough to stop me. I looked back up at him and ran over at full speed. And may I add that I am actually quite fast.

I punched him in the gut and he leaned forward from the pain. I took this as my chance and smashed his head into my knee. Once he was on the ground I jumped on top of him and started beating the shit out of him.

Other inmates started to laugh and talk amongst themselves. Like I said top dog, everyone loves to see me fight. I got pulled off the guy and held back. I elbowed whoever was holding on to me and spun around.

Holy mother of Jesus and all things above he is fucking hot. This guy must be like 6' 5' and super muscular. He smirked at me and looked me up and down. Oh hell no I'm done. I turned around and tightened my ponytail then stomped away. The crowd parted as I walked. I went straight to my cell.


And now I'm here great. Well, might as well get some sleep before I need to do stuff.


Hello, everyone, this is the first chapter of my new book the Badass From Prison.

I think it is gonna be good hopefully.

I wanna know what you guys think don't forget that.

What Luna looks like currently above

Anyhow see Y'all next time
~The lovely writer of this story~ Alex

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