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Pen Your Pride

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New chapter for the EIGHT fans who read this:) 

Not really a lot to say...

Oh, and the video is because I spent about two hours freaking out over how sexy his voice sounds now:P

UPDATE 2/18/2013: Dedication is because she made the cover on the side!!!


Rania moaned as she chewed on her sandwich, earning a couple of odd glances in our direction.

“God, if you love the sandwich so much please get a room.” I teased, taking a bite of my own. Subway was amazing. The best place ever. In my opinion, and apparently Rania’s too.

“I would. I really would. Maybe one day I’ll convince Matthew to let me eat it off of him.” She winked.

I, however, just frowned. “I have no idea how the hell you would do that. I mean, seriously, I get ice-creams and whipped cream, but a sandwich? How would that work?”

“Easy. Buy a sandwich, and then eat it off of his di-,”

I cut her off by throwing an ice cube at her.

We headed back to her house about half an hour later, and spent the rest of the day watching Pretty Little Liars. It has drama and it has mystery, while still holding on to a little romance. How can a girl not love it?

At 6:30PM, I decided it was finally time to head home. “I’ll see you Monday, ok?” I hugged Rania.

“See you Monday. Now run before my mom tries to kidnap you.” Rania shoved me towards the door, making me laugh.

“But I want a cookie to take back!” I whined. Misty had been baking cookies and brownies all last night, and now had way more than needed.

“Are you leaving?” Misty asked.

“Yeah, I told my dad I’d be home at 7.” I smiled apologetically. I would probably stay here longer if I didn’t have homework.

“Well, would you mind doing me a favor?” I shook my head. “Can you take two pans of brownies and two boxes of cookies home? I made over seven of each so we’ll be ok for the next few days. Maybe Rania could sell them for a bake sale or something.” Misty said.

“Well, if it’s doing you a favor…” I trailed off, smiling. I was getting food, I was happy.

“Definitely. I’ll help you take them to your car.” She grinned, heading back into the kitchen.

Another 15 minutes later, I walked through my front door.

            “Hey, dad. I’m home!” I shouted.

            “Hey, how was the sleepover?” He asked.

            “It was pretty good. We just watched some movies. Oh, and Misty baked cookies. Want some?” I held out the pans and boxes. “There are brownies on the pans too.” I told him.

            He smiled. He loved Misty’s cooking. Then again, everyone did. Every time we had a Choir party or something, Rania would bring stuff Misty had made, and it would go faster than anything anyone else bought.

            We spent the rest of the evening just watching TV together. I took an Advil discreetly, glad my dad hadn’t noticed the fact that I was currently nursing a killer hangover (mine were just headaches multiplied by a million; I’d never actually thrown up because of one before), as well as an unfamiliar soreness between my legs. It was like a constant reminder that I’d actually had sex last night, but I couldn’t complain. I already felt better. It was like I’d been subconsciously worrying about it, stressing even, and now I wasn’t. I was definitely feeling a lot more optimistic.

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