Chapter 6~ That's perfect

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“What are his symptoms?” The large male doctor asks looking down at a mostly naked Saraqael who looked back.

“He’s really tired. He took a nap today, about 3 hours and i went to put him for tummy time but he just conked right out,” Louis explained leaning over Saraqael, giving him a smile and got one in return.

He male doctor, Jeff, hummed and pushed buttons on the bottom of the tiny bed Saraqael was in and weighed the baby. He measured Saraqael height and checked his heart rate.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being none at all, and 10 being all the time. How much does he cry in an average day?” Jeff asked using his thumb to open Saraqael’s tiny mouth, peeking in.

“He’s mute. But he, tears, i’d say a-” Louis cuts off and remembers the day before when he couldn’t get his smallest baby to stop crying. “-6, maybe 7 on bad days. Yesterday he cried and wouldn’t stop. I changed his nappy, fed him, burped him, changed his jammies, washed him down, i did everything and he didn’t stop crying until Harry took him,” Louis informed and let Saraqael take hold of his finger as Jeff took off his diaper. Saraqael had been circumcised and he had to make sure his little prick was healing well.

“They were all circumcised right?” Jeff asked and Louis nodded. Jeff grabbed a temperature stick and inserted the tip into Saraqael bum, making his tiny lips tremble. When the stick beeped Jeff pulled it free, cleaned it, and looked at the babies temperature.

“He’s healing perfectly, almost healed really. His temperature is only 1 degree above average. He weighs 3 pounds under average and he’s 2 inches shorter than normal. Considering what he was born as, he’s perfect.” Jeff said and Louis nodded, at least his little boy was healthy. “Does he spit up when you burp him?” Jeff asked, and started rubbing his fingers along Saraqael limbs, checking the bones. Saraqael watched his father and the doctor as he was touched and felt all over.

“Not often no, he keeps his food down,” Louis said and Jeff leaned back letting Louis redress his baby.

“Being 5 weeks old, i think he’s just going through a growth spurt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael and Gabriel follow close behind. The only time i want you to worry about sleeping and crying habits is age 5 when they get their wings. Then we bring them back for anything other than sickness,” Jeff said in a calm soothing voice, writing down everything he accounted for Saraqael. “I would also want to see Michael and Gabriel this week sometime to see how they are,” Jeff added giving Louis a note about Saraqael’s condition so he could show Harry.

“So i’m all set to go?” Louis asked when he finished buckling Saraqael into his carseat.

“You’re all set to go. Please set an appointment for Michael and Gabriel and i’ll see you then,
Jeff said shaking Louis hand. Louis packed away his son and carried him out of the small room and to the front desk. Louis quickly did as the doctor asked, setting appointments for Michael and Gabriel. They were set for the next day around noon. Louis sent a text to Harry, telling him that he would be home soon. Saraqael started whimpering as Louis put his carseat into the car and the tiny angel moved up to get a better look at his tearing baby boy.

“Aw, what’s wrong love?” Louis asked and Saraqael looked at him with his bottom lip pouted. Louis kissed it and Saraqael gave him a small smile, closing his eyes and going to sleep. Louis huffed and leaned forward to kiss his babies cheek then got into the front of the SUV to drive home.


“I made dinner,” Harry said kissing Louis cheek, taking Saraqael. Louis closed the front door behind himself and watched Harry set their son down, quickly taking him out of his car seat. Harry walked into the kitchen with the tiny sleeping form and Louis followed, intrigued.

“What are you doing with Saraqael?” Louis asked and Harry turned to look at him with a small smile. There was food set out on their kitchen table and a large crib at the side of one of the chairs. Louis moved forward and peeked inside and there lie Michael and Gabriel, sleeping. Saraqael soon joined them, Harry lying him down, “What’s this all about?” Louis asked quietly, straightening up to look at the food that littered the large table.

Harry wrapped his arms around Louis waist and rocked him softly from side to side.

“Because i love you and i wanted to show you,” Harry mumbled into the back of Louis neck and the tiny angel smiled, turning in his demons arms.

“I know you love me,” Louis whispered and Harry looked down at him with a shake of his head.

“You know it, but I want to show you more,” Harry said turning Louis back around to sit him down at a chair at the table, “Now i made lasagna, white sauce pasta, and meatballs,” Harry said pushing a plate with a share of all the food toward Louis. The tiny angel smiled and leaned forward smelling the delicious food, “I even got wine,” Harry said lifting the large white bottle.

“What kind of wine is that?” Louis asked and Harry looked at the label before shrugging.

“Something from earth, i’ve tasted it before i bought it and i promise you’ll like it,” harry said and Louis nodded moving his tiny wine glass over his food, toward Harry. Harry grinned and uncorked the drink, pouring Louis a nice amount. “There isn’t too much alcohol so don’t worry,” Harry said pouring himself a glass.   

Louis held his drink up again when harry was done, “Let’s toast,” He said and Harry gave him a small look.

“Toast to what?” he asked and Louis looked over at his side, down at his three sleeping babies.

“Our babies,” He said and Harry smiled, leaning forward to toast.

“To our babies,” He said and they clicked their glasses together and drank a small sip, Louis softly moaning at the smoothness of the liquid.

“That’s perfect,” He said to himself and Harry beemed.

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