Mr Parker

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Chapter one-

Yep my lifes shit. I gave up trying in school. I swear alot. Argue. Get mad. And get detentions near enough each day off Mr Parker.

Im Jessica Amelia-Lee Woolliscroft, im 16 and live in a flat with my older brother Ben, who’s 19. Our parents kicked us out when i was 12. My mother was an alcoholic and my dad was a druggy, so i guess we had great role models when we were younger. I go to a collage in Bolton. I hate going, i don’t need to be doing shit like that but my mates go and I’ll do anything to see them. Both me and my brother spoke. And i have a few tattoos and piercings. A nose piercing and eyebrow piercing, there my favourite ones.

When i got kicked out i wasn’t the most brightest of students and living alone with your brother with little money possible is hard, but we’re still here. 4 years alone, we don’t need parents. We don’t need anyone to look after us. And i defiantly don’t need a boyfriend or any of that pathetic shit.

“Right then Miss Woolliscroft” He sighed placing down paper work on his desk. Mr parker was my head of year and he was my ‘Specialised tutor’ or some bollocks like that. I hated him. All he ever did was moan 24/7. “I guess we’re having another couple of hours together after school then” He said looking at his watch then to me. “Yay” i huffed. “You sound like thats a bad thing” He smirked “Oh yeah im dead excited to spend time with you defo, couldn’t be doing anything better with my time” I rolled me eyes. “Well if your behaviour doesn’t improve seems like we’ll be spending all our time together” He smirked “Ugh don’t get your hopes up”

After an hour of sitting there with my pen in my hand i had, had enough “Im going” I sighed “Excuse me” Mr parker raised his eyebrows. “I said Im. Going.” I rolled my eyes. “You still have another hour left, so sit back down” He sighed. “Nope im going, i need a fag” I grinned before walking towards the door. “Your going to end up killing yourself if you keep having cigarettes you know” He sighed. “Well my life not yours, you don’t need to worry” I laughed trying to open the door but failing. Sir picked up some keys before winking. “Instead of doing work, why don’t we doing something fun” He shrugged “Go get a fag?” I asked “Sit” He rolled his eyes. I sat down behind my desk chucking my bag down next to me. Before sir came over and sat down opposite me. “So how many tattoos do you have?” He asked “You what?” I frowned “You heard” He smirked. I mentally counted in my head “Five” I shrugged. He nodded in response “7 including half a sleeve down my arm” I frowned “You have tattoos?” I asked my mouth open slightly, he nodded. “Yep” He started unbuttoning his shirt “What are you doing?” I frown? “You’ll see” He smirked. So my teachers just casually stripping for me? Urmm okay?

He undid his last button before taking off his shirt. I wouldn’t normally say this about a teacher but bloody hell. He was fit. He had a six pack. And like he said he had half a sleeve. “Close your mouth” He winked. “I urmm” I quickly shut my mouth. He started showing me his tattoos. “But thats only 6 i thought you had 7?” I frown. “I have one on my ankle” I nodded in response. He put his shirt back on and did his tie up. He looked like an ordinary teacher now but without a shirt, bloody hell he’s hot. What? No he’s my teacher! And i hate him, what the hell am i on about?

“I had your brother in detention today” he leaned back in his chair “Ben isn’t it?” He asked i nodded “yeah” “Lucky boy” He laughed standing up and walking to his desk “What do you mean by that?” I frown. “Nothing” He shrugged. I stormed across to him and slammed my hands on his desk. “Tell me what you mean” I spat “Temper misses, remember im still your teacher” He smirked. “I don’t care tell me what you mean” “Maybe i will... one day” he winked. “Tell me now” I spat. He laughed before sitting on his desk. “Anyone would be lucky if they had you as a sister, anyone would be lucky just to know you, to talk to you” he smiled running a hand through my hair. I frowned “I still don’t know what you mean” He looked at his watch “Detentions over you can go now” He smiled “But?” “No buts, off you go, ill see you on Monday” He winked.

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