Feeling's Part 2.

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I felt small kisses on my face making me smile a little. I heard a cute giggle making me smile even more. I pulled her closer to me and put my face in her neck kissing it.

Hailey:"Morning baby"She said in my ear making shivers go down my spine.

Y/n:"Hmm...Morning babe"I said in my morning voice. I kissed her neck and moved to her jaw and then her lips. She kissed back and smiled against my lips making me smile as well. She pulled away making me pout.

Hailey:"As much as I'd love to have a hot a heavy make out session right now...our flight leaves in an hour and I still need to go home"She said. I sighed and nodded.

Y/n:"Meet up at the airport?"I asked. She nodded and kissed my lips.

Hailey:"Bye babe"She said grabbing her keys and and my jersey.

Y/n:"Bye babe"I said as she left the room. I sighed and sat in bed frustrated both sexually and emotionally. I groaned and got out of bed heading to shower and get ready for today.

I drove over to the airport and groaned as soon as I saw paparazzi. I decided to go through the back and parked my car and grabbed my luggage. I checked in my luggage and saw a text from Hailey.

Babygirl😍😳:"Babe I'm on the plane already...."She said. I walked to  the plane and saw her smiling big at me.

Hailey:"Baby!"She squealed jumping on me making me chuckle. I caught her and spined her around.

Y/n:"Hey baby"I said. She kissed my cheek and jumped down pulling me to the seat next to her. I sat down next to her and chuckled"You're really excited aren't you"I said making her nod.

Hailey:"Yes! I get to go to New York with you and I get to show you around... I'm way to excited"She said making me chuckle and smile at her"What?"She asked. I shook my head and gave her a small smile.

Y/n:"It's just nice to see you happy love"I said pecking her lips. She smiled and pecked mines.

Hailey:"Why do you have to be so sweet"She said inches away from my lips. I chuckled and went closer to her lips.

Y/n:"No idea"I said crashing our lips together. She smiled into the kiss and kissed back and wrapping her arms around my neck. We pulled away after a few minutes and noticed that we were in the air.

Hailey:"Woah...I guess we were to caught up in our make out session to notice that we took off already"She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Guess so..."I said going back to kiss her neck. She moved her neck to the side and moaned a little. I smirked and left wet kisses on her neck till I felt my phone vibrate. I groaned making her giggle.

Hailey:"Answer it..."She said pulling away and going on her phone. I answered my phone 

Y/n:"Hello..."I said rather annoyed. I heard a giggle from the other side making me smile.

Freya:"Hey grumpy..."She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Hey sis...what's up?"I asked.

Freya:"Not much....Where are you gonna stay while you and Hails are in New York?"She asked.

Y/n:"We got a hotel... Why?"I asked confused.

Freya:"You can stay at my place.... It'll be quite and far from any paparazzi and security is good"She said making me nod.

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