Father & Daughter Omake

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2 years old.

"Who do you love most? " Daddy asked. He and another two Villian in the otome game, Carol and Lost , looked at me in anticipation.

Daddy- Father, Insane Hot guy with yellow eye and white hair who tried to kill me several times but loves me very much.

Carol - Hot guy with blond hair and blue eyes. Flirts with everyone including me, just as insane or less as father.

Lost- Hot guy with black hair and abyss eye. A Very cold and silent person who was dragged into this game.  Never do anything to me except babysit me and give me sweets sometime.

"Lost! " I announced.

" Eh~" they both whinned in sync.

"Hm! At least it's not Carol ~" Daddy said with a smile.

"Ara? I thought she was suppose to love you the most? This goes to show that you are a bad father~"

"Oh?Please repeat that? ~"

"Oh my? You are not only a bad father but deaf at the same time? "

"Actually, I heard you the first time ~" Daddy said before punching Carol with his fist.

Carol Carol, why did you pick a fight with someone you could not beat since young?

While they were fighting in the background, Lost patted my head as I blushed.

3 year old ~

I place my card down on the table.

"Eh? " Carol and his colleagues said in sync.

" Eh?!! "

" So everyone apart from princess strip your last piece of clothing . " Daddy said.

" How can this be?! How can a 3 year old beat us in strip poker?! "

" Why not? " I grinned darkly.

" Ever wondered why I never agreed to play? " Daddy shook his head as Lost nodded.

4 years old
"I hate you!" I screamed as I was pushed off a helicopter.

"Well I love you my sweet princess!" Daddy dearest grinned from inside the helicopter.

He was definitely trying to kill me I tell you!

I free falled and landed where a herd of Zombies was gathered. In self defense, I made all of them explode.

"Ha... Hu... ha! " I panted as Daddy dearest landed the helicopter near me.
" So how was it? Was it fun? " He smiled.

" F*** you. " I said while still panting.

" Wah! Daddy little princess learnt a bad word!~" He cried while letting out a dark aura. " Who taught her I wonder? ~" His team who also came out of the helicopter shivered in fear.

"Then fish you! " I sighed, rescueing them from daddy's rage.

" Much better. ~" He smiled as he picked me up.

Ciao, until next time.

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