Is It Reality Or Is It A Dream?

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"So what happened again?"Damon asked.

You were sitting on the couch. Your legs were spread apart only a little. Your elbows rested on your thighs while your hands intertwined together and laid on the edge of the couch in between your legs. You were hunched over, a bit. So your back wasn't against the couch but maybe only two inches away. You were looking down at your hands. Your head hurt and no one was helping that.

Damon and Stefan dragged Kai out of their home quickly. Kai put up a fight but when you looked at him weakly and asked him to please cooperate, he looked ashen and left without another word of protest.

This confused everyone but not for long because now the questions began to be centered on you.

"Are you alright?"Stefan wondered aloud, rubbing your back gently. You knew that wasn't the question that came to his mind but you were glad that he was at least being considerate.

"How do you know Kai again?"Bonnie asked puzzled yet annoyed.

Everyone kept asking you questions. Questions and questions and more questions. You had questions yourself. You didn't know! How could you? You just began gaining memories now!

You groaned loudly and slammed your fists on the table next to you, forcefully rushing to your feet.

"We met when we were younger. I'll explain when I don't have a horrible headache and I remember everything. And no, Stefan. I'm not alright. I'm going to my house and I'm going to stay there until I figure everything out,"You yelled at them.

Some of them looked like they were about to say something.

"No, I do not need someone to take me home. No, I don't want any visitors. And no, I don't know what's going to happen with my relationship. I'll figure that out with Christian when we cross that bridge. But for now... nothing is changing,"You answered for them, knowing their questions.

"Bye," You waved slightly before grabbing your phone and racing out the door.

You guessed the reason you had a headache was because not only your friends were asking questions but you were to. Why didn't you remember this before? Why do you feel such pain for it? Why do you suddenly want to rush to Kai and kiss him? Wait! No, you don't feel that way. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. You scolded yourself, you were not about to show any amount of emotion for this psychopath!

As you walked and thought, your feet suddenly became wet. When you looked down there was no water in sight. There was no rain. Your shoes seemed to be missing but you remember having them on the whole time in the Salvatore mansion.

You looked up at the clear blue sky and sun which seemed to be turning into night abnormally quick. Suddenly you dropped to the ground and your eyes fluttered open.

When did you close your eyes? You felt as if you were drowning. When you looked around you noticed you were in water. You were freezing cold. You swam to the surface only to find that you were in a lake. A dark lake, in the middle of a dark forest. You sighed, relieved. It was just a dream.

You needed to get back to the Salvatore mansion. It seemed the closest since that was the last place you were at. You remember that you were sleeping over there because of Kai. Damon and Stefan thought it would be safer for you, if you'd stayed with them for a while until the whole Kai thing got dealt with. Which explains the weird dream about Kai.

You climbed out of the freezing cold water and onto the grass causing you to not only be frigid but also muddy. You stood up and rubbed your arms to keep warm as you walked. By now, you missed the warmth of your dream.

That dream... it felt so real.

As you walked, you felt as if you were being watched. It sent chills down your back and you began to walk a bit faster. Your eyes darted around the wooded area surrounding you.

Crackle, crackle... boom! Your heartbeat raced as you heard leaves crushing behind you and a sudden gun shot sound. You began running at full speed, tripping over tree roots and small bushes.

"Help!"You screamed, as you got closer and closer to a road. There seemed to be cars racing throughout the street, rushing home.

But before you could make it any further, before you could shout for help again, an arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you behind a tree. The owner of the arm's hand clamped around your mouth.

You gasped behind their hand as you felt their lips brush against your ear. "This is for your own good,"A familiar voice whispered before there was a pain in your neck, a muffled scream, and complete and utter enclosure of darkness.

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