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My name is Rose Conner, My whole Life I've stayed under the radar trying to blend in and try to survive high school and anyone who says high school is the greatest years of our lives is a big fat liar, I'm not saying it's a total nightmare I mean I do have friends my best friend is Natalie we've been friends our whole lives even our moms were good friends before we were born, we've done everything together I don't think I could go one day without her.

I do have other friends I'm not that big of a loser but still I'm considered an outcast, my twin brother on the other hand is in the popular clique in school I guess because he's the quarter back and can be pretty shallow, but we are somewhat close.

I don't know what change but it's like I woke up and realize this is it our last year of high school and we've done nothing we have no memories to look back on about our crazy high school experiences. So I've decided this year my senoir year will be different I will take chances I will face my fears and live a little and make memories with my best friend Natalie by my side we are going to write down everything we want to do this year and we will finish out list by graduation...

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