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Does He Really Love Her.? Does He Know How Much I Love Him.? Does He REALLY Know.?

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ok so my friend love this one guy and she wrote this. i thought it was really good so i asked if i could post it and she said sure. tell me if ya like?

I Hate That He's With Her.

I Want His Arms Around Me.

I Want Him To Say He Loves Me Not Her.

Let's Get Caught Up In The Music Together Swaying Back & Forth In Each Other's Arms.

I Love Him<3 I Always Will.

But How Can He Love Me Back When He's Loving Someone Else.?

A Dream That Won't Come True.

A Dream I Want To Be True Oh So Much.

I've Talked To Him He Has Proved To Me That All Guys Aren't The Same.

He Just Doesn't Know I Love Him.

Oh How I Wish He Did. But What Will He Say.?

What Will He Think.?

What Will He Do.?

Is It Possible To Stay In Love With Him.?

I Want To Know If He Had The Chance If He Would.

What Are The Possibilities That He Would Say He Would Rather Be With Me Than With Her.?.

I Wonder So Much.

Is The Wondering That Is What Making Me Love Him.?

Is It The Fact That He Proved To Me How I Could Care About Him So Much.?.

Is It How There's A Mystery Between Us That Keeps Pulling Me Back In.?

Is It His Eyes That Say I Love You No Matter What.?.

Why Do I Wonder.?.

Should I Wonder.?

Or Should I Give Up On A Dream That'll Never Happen.?

I'm Confused.

But Is It This Wondering Is What I Keep Doing That Is Making Me Confused.?

My Heart Says I Should Tell Him I Love Him.

How Much I Care About Him.

But My Mind Is Saying No.

I Could Get Hurt By Him.

Which Should I Trust.?.

Being In Love With Him Is Unreal.

It's The Kind Of Love You Read From Books.

But This One I Know Is Real I Know.

Cause I Talk To Him My Stomach Does A Front Flip.

I Blush When He Looks At Me.

He Says He Cares About Me.

I Want To Say "I Love You".

But Should I Wonder About All Of This.?

Is This Love Real Or Fake.?

Does He Really Love Her.?

Does He Know How Much I Love Him.?

Does He REALLY Know.?

Should I Say Something.?

Should I Sit Back And Get HeartBroken Everytime I See Him With Her.?

Should I Wait For Him To Say He Loves Me.?

That's Why I Ask.

Should I Wonder.?

Which Should I Trust.?

Does He Know.?

Should I Wonder About This.?

Should I Wonder About Everything Between Us.?....

Should I.?

Does He Really Love Her.? Does He Know How Much I Love Him.?  Does He REALLY Know.?Read this story for FREE!