A New Beginning

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Y/N's Point of View:

I looked down at the man with a pitchfork standing by the arch to get into Hateno Village. I soothed H/N, my loyal horse, due to his fear of the dark.

It was getting darker by the minute, and H/N wanted to get to a stable before it was too dark, with or without me.

We must've scared the tall man with the pitchfork, because he gasped and pointed his pitchfork at us, before putting it to his side and muttering something under his breath. "Hello..." He said wearily. He seemed exhausted, even though it wasn't even 8:00 yet.

"Hi..." I replied as I gave a quick wave. "You on guard duty?" I ask, gesturing to his pitchfork.

"Yup. Seems like I always am... Anyways, welcome to Hateno village, I guess." The man shrugged, then began to poke his pitchfork at a cricket nearby.

I decided it was best to move along, before he accidentally hit us, so I coaxed H/N along the path that lead to a market, armor shop, and a clothes dying store. All of them were closed, sadly, so I had no way of replenishing supplies, or finding where my new shop was located.

After paving back and forth the pathways on H/N, I finally found my new shop, which was near some model houses by "Bolson Construction" and by a bridge leading to a house which looked like it was abandon.

The shop was cute. It was three stories tall, yet still in a triangular shape, which was something I wasn't expecting, made of stone like the other shops, and had a balcony on the top floor. Some windows on the third floor seemed to be made out of stained glass and had a stable, garden, and fence in the back, but besides that, it was a normal, shop.

I lead H/N to the stable, and he/she neighed in glee, and after I took of his/her gear and filled up the water trough, and food trough, I decided I needed to get some sleep. It was a long journey, and sitting on a horse for hours isn't the most fun thing I've ever done.

I ran to the door and opened it to be greeted with a warmly lit shop, with a long desk, and several shelves, lining all the walls.

I tossed my knapsack of ingredients I had brought on the desk, and decided I'd set it up tomorrow.

I walked up to the smaller second floor to see a cooking area, some medical beds, and dividers between them, for any injured, I was a healer after all.

I continued to the final, and smallest floor, which was my room. It was nicely decorated with lanterns, and a colorful rug. There was a large bed, a end table, and a large wardrobe, and the door leading to the balcony, which was covered behind blue curtains.

After I put away all my clothes and some odd trinkets I couldn't part with from home, I flopped on my bed, not bothering to change out of my armor, and began to fall asleep.

[A/N: Sorry for the boring chapter! The next chapter will be more interesting (and cheesy) I promise!]

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