Chapter Sixty-Two

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The black and sleek car rolled under the lights of London. While Bill had some words for Meredith, they never reached her ears. Even if he tried, she wouldn't listen. Meredith didn't regret what she did.

Pictures from her morning and early afternoon excursion popped up on the internet, there weren't many, proving that people didn't care. Either way, if the job had been to keep people from noticing that Prince Harry and Meredith were in London, it was going to come out. Harry had an event, for which paparazzi stalked him.

Harry's fingers laced through hers as the car came to a stop. Bill jumped out, and Harry's door opened. It was easy to get into the restaurant, which Harry said was one of the best in London. It probably bad that Meredith only craved My Old Dutch and some crepes. The front doors opened to the restaurant, and the couple rushed.

Put in a secluded place in the restaurant, Meredith watched her surroundings instead of looking at the menu. Harry had relaxed, comfortable with his surroundings, but Meredith didn't like it. It was dark in here and loud, with voices flowing over to them. It almost made her scared.

"What may I get you to drink?" the waitress asked, keeping her eyes glued on Harry, who didn't even notice.

"I'll take the house ale. Mere?"

Meredith's eyes flicked up to the waitress, who glanced over, and immediately backed off. "Berry cider, please."

The waitress left, but Meredith still wore the look of annoyance. Harry noticed. "Are you jealous?"

"Why don't people just back off that we're dating, especially girls?" she asked.

"Would you?"

"Yes," Meredith responded truthfully. Perhaps she was odd, but she just never thought a man was truly attractive enough to flirt with them when they had a girlfriend, especially when the girlfriend was right there. Meredith wasn't going to let it go by. "Chicks before dicks," she whispered, and Harry laughed.

The waitress came back, placing down the drinks. After the food was order, Meredith was happy to see her go.

"So," Harry called her back, "I wanted to make this occasion special because you turned twenty a month or so ago."

"I said no gifts." After the expensive book and expensive jewelry, Meredith couldn't handle it. There were just too many things for her to break.

"And I agreed." Harry wore a mysterious smile. "Yet, I wanted to give you something special."

"You're special enough."

Harry winked, but he shook his head. "I went traveling, you know, and while in Africa at one of the events, we were in a small town, and I was bestowed a gift. After our tour guide explained, I realized that both weren't for me."

"You lost me," Meredith said. "What did they give you that was a pair? Please, don't let it be something too... weird."

"No." Extending his hand, he motioned for Meredith to bring her own forth, which she did. It only took a few seconds for her to realize what was happening, and it was Harry putting a bracelet on her wrist. When Harry pulled his hands away, a bracelet was revealed, matching his. "It's for love. Handmade and pure."

There were minor changes between his bracelet and hers. While there were beads of light blue, black and white, hers mostly focused on black and white with minor light blue beads. The two bands crossed over one another, which allowed Meredith to remove the bracelet if need be, but as Harry explained, "It was only supposed to come off when the relationship was over."

Meredith's fingers ran over the beads on her wrist as supper was served. It gleamed in the dull light any time she moved her right arm, and she was almost memorized by it, as well as confused. Any jewelry felt odd from Harry, but at least this wasn't expensive, and it meant something. It wasn't to say that the other jewelry wasn't nice and she didn't like it, but she had no use for it in her life, especially in Superior, where there was a chance someone might rob her for it.

As the food started to disappear, a sinking feeling crawled over Meredith. She sat back. At the same time, it looked like Harry felt it too. Bodyguard Bill was already on it. Flashes of light blasted through the restaurant. Unsuspecting patrons stumbled back, suddenly blinded. Supper had been cut short.

"We need to get out of here before more show up." Harry put money on the table and took Meredith's hand. "Looking at the ground helps. It won't be as blinding. Just hold onto my hand. I promise I won't let go. I'll get you out."

Harry forgot she had done this before, yet this felt different. Meredith slipped on sunglasses, and at least he chuckled.

"Remain calm at all times," Harry warned. "If they sense weakness, they'll exploit it. Try not to trip. Don't swear. Don't give them anything."

"Not even smile."

Harry's eyes flashed back, and he knew he should let her do what she wanted-- just it couldn't happen right now. "Don't even smile."

Usually that meant a challenge from Meredith, but she did her best to follow him out of the restaurant without knocking into anything.

When the doors opened, a rush of voices made Meredith almost come to standstill. Something rooted her in place. It wasn't the questions or things they yelled, but a voice made her scared, shaking in her boots. Harry pulled her forward. Flashing camera lights attempted to blind them, but Harry looked immune. Meredith kept her face up. With the sunglasses on, at least the lights hurt a little less.

Bodies pushed up against her. Bill tried to clean a path forward, and Harry followed. Yet, Meredith was almost lost in all the bodies. She squeezed Harry's hand, and he tried to move faster. Bodies collapsed around her, shoving cameras into her face and yelling things. She went into overload trying to find up and down, left and right. She clung to his hand, and suddenly she stood alone. Harry was gone in the bodies.

She couldn't breathe. All the bodies took her air. They pushed up against her. A burning smell came out of nowhere. Her body shook. Eyes focused, eyes watered. Where was Harry? Where had he gone? Her hand was empty. Swallowing, Meredith looked to the right and to the left. Cameras pushed into her face. Something banged against her legs. More yells from somewhere.

Another step forward, Meredith beckoned herself. Go. Walk. Move. You aren't weak, Mere. I am not weak.

Another step forward, Meredith took. Her foot hit the pavement and then another step. Cameras pushed into her face. Meredith tilted her head but said nothing. A black and sleek car honked the horn, and Meredith followed the sound. Flashes came and went from around her, but they thinned out. Easily Harry was seen, wearing a horrified face. Meredith followed his bright hair.

The door was held open for her, and Meredith slipped in. It slammed shut behind her. The car immediately went, throwing her body back. Yells and flashes of light were left in the dust.

"Mere," Harry said. His fingers fumbled over her face. She stared in front of her. "Mere, I'm so sorry. I know what I said. But you got through. You did so well. You didn't hesitate-- you looked like a complete badass. Mere? Mere, I'm sorry. Mere?"

"It's fine," she said numbly.

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