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Want to thank my best friend michelle for helping with the fighting scene and for her amazing editing skills.

  Tony's pov: 

 Clay comes through his front door and we go up to his room. Once we are inside I see bruises and scratches more clearly all over his face. 

 "What the hell happened to your face Clay?" I ask, checking over the cuts. 

 "That rapist Bryce Walker beat the shit out of me." Clay replies, and anger surges through my body. 

 How dare someone hurt the person I love.

 As anger is radiating all over my body I storm out of the Jensen home and head over to Bryce's home to give him what he deserves. I get into my car and drive over to the Walker house.  I pulled up and it looked like he was home alone.

  I walk up to Bryce's door and knock harshly. I hear laughing from inside before it opens. Bryce stands there with a smirk, staring down at me even though we're the same height. That's just how arrogant he is. 

 "What a surprise," he says smarmily. 

I glare a him, breathing heavily through my nose."Don't touch Clay again, you hear me?" I growl. 

 "Or what?" he chuckles. 

"You gonna slap me like a little girl?" He turns back toward his mates who are watching us, and laughs along with them, mocking me. 

 "No," I snap. "I'll just do this." I kick him the balls, watching him fall to his knees with a pained cry. His friend's laughter and his moans of anguish are all that I hear 

"You little-," Bryce started but I punched him repeatedly in the face as my knuckles becoming bloody.

"Don't let me see you near Clay again."I said and left.

Clay's pov:

Tony had left but that had been an hour ago and I was beginning to worry, because he had left angry after I told him Bryce had beat the shit out of me he stormed out. He was so protective of me but I guess that's what best friends do..they protect each other. I put my grey hoodie on and went downstairs to go look for him.

"Clay where are you going?" Mom asks.

"I'm going to go find Tony, to see if he's okay." I said. 

Before she said anything I went out the door. I started looking everywhere for him. I went to Hannah's grave sight, but he wasn't there. I went to the garage but his brothers told me they haven't seen him since this afternoon. I was panicking. The last place I could think that he could be was the cliff we went to days ago. I rode my bike for ten-minutes and I took the path up, but I came up empty. I had no idea where he could be at. Tears shimmered in my eyes but I blinked them back and went back to my house. I saw Tony's car parked out front, relief flowed through me. I parked my bike by the porch and ran inside, up the stairs.

I opened my bedroom door and saw Tony sitting on my bed and his knuckles were bloody.

"Where the hell were you, you had me worried sick, I couldn't find you anywhere!" I expressed, angrily.

"I went to Bryce's, when you told me what he did  I couldn't help it, it made me angry that he had hurt you," Tony expresses, standing up in front of me.

"Well it was my fault I instigated it,"

"I don't care. I hate when you get hurt." 

"Why?" I ask confused.

"Because I love you Clay, and not in a best friend kind of way," he says and I was stunned.

I couldn't say anything, not because I didn't feel the same way but because he felt the same way as I did.

"Clay. are you okay?" Tony asks, concern

I looked up at him and smiled, I brought both of my hands sat them on each side of his face and brought our lips together. His lips were soft against mine as we moved in sync. He brought me closer as we both fought for dominance but he won he pushed me against the bedroom door and swiping his tongue over my bottom lip asking for entrance I opened and his tongue glided with mine and it was getting heated by the minute but we didn't care I put all my heart and soul into this kiss but we were soon interrupted.

"Clay, time for dinner!" Mom yelled, us breaking apart, breathing heavily.

"Wow." Tony says, smiling his cheeks flushed.

"Yes, I know, but we should go down for dinner." I said.

Tony stopped me by the bedroom door. "Does this mean you feel the same way?" he asks, hopefulness filling his eyes.

I pecked his mouth. "Does that answer your question?" I asked and he nodded.

We both had smiles on our faces as we sat down to eat dinner. I knew I was happy for the first time in weeks.

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