Chapter 1

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Anna Burkley was tired from her trip.

She'd been to see her oldest sister Rayna, who lived four hours away, helping her out after she gave birth to twin girls.

Anna smiled at the thought of those two beautiful babies as she let herself into her house.

She felt a ping in her heart because she knew she'd never hold a baby of her own. She quickly shrugged that thought away not wanting to dwell on the negative.

With a slight yawn, she headed for the bedroom. She'd get her luggage out of the car later, right now she needed a nap! Her husband, Gary, would still be at work for a couple more hours, so she had plenty of time to rest before starting on supper.

Going up the stairs, she paused and cocked her head to listen...giggles?

Moving faster up the stairs, she moved toward the bedroom door which was open.

"I need to get going Gary, it's almost three." A female voice said.

"Mm...yeah, and I need to get back to work. Wouldn't do for the ol' lady to come home and catch me here." Gary agreed.

Anna held a hand over her mouth as she tried not to sob out loud. Feeling herself loosing the battle, she ran back down the stairs and into the kitchen. Once there, she slid down the wall and quietly cried.

How stupid was she?

She should have seen it!

Now, as she thought back on it, she realized all the signs were there that Gary wasn't faithful, but she'd ignored them.

He'd been 'working later', taking more 'business trips', spending time with 'the guys', and pushing her to go out with her girl-friends a lot lately.

Maybe she'd denied it for so long because the sex was good. After all, wasn't that the first thing that went south? Well, if it was it hadn't happened to them because Gary had always been insatiable and that hadn't changed. Maybe that was why she'd stayed clueless.

Anna was pulled from her thoughts as the woman spoke again, this time closer.

"When will I see you again?" The woman asked.

"I'm not sure. Anna will be clingy for a while after being gone for almost a week." Gary said with a chuckle.

"I don't know why you stay with her." The woman whined.

"Because she's a good wife and gives me awesome sex."

"Our sex is awesome too!" The woman said then.

Gary laughed. "Yes, it is, but you know her dad would have my nuts on a platter if I do his little girl wrong. Besides I like my job and if I leave her I can kiss it good-bye."

The woman huffed. "Fine, give me call then."

Anna heard the door close then and Gary whistling as he headed back upstairs.

Slowly standing, she wiped her face and grabbed a tissue to blow her nose.

Then walking to the sink, she grabbed a glass and filled it with water.

She stood staring at the kitchen door until Gary came downstairs.

He stopped walking, the smile on his face leaving when he saw her. His face paled as he spoke, "Anna?"

"We're over Gary. I'll be gone by the time you get home from work." Anna managed to choke out.

"Oh now, come on sweetheart! I'll stop seeing her!" He claimed as he walked closer.

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