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kinda short but idk they might be like this from now on since it's ending soon :(((

Day Twenty-Six

It takes a while for things to cool down.

You have been avoiding Jumin, and no matter how worried you are about him, you have no idea how he's doing or how he's taking the breakup.

You aren't taking it as well as you'd hoped.

You did genuinely love Jumin, but you can't help but feel something more for Luciel. Does that make you a bad person? You don't know, but you also don't know whether or not you regret ending things with Jumin.

You regret hurting him. You never wanted to hurt Jumin, but you did, and you'll most likely never forgive yourself.

Seven gives you lots of space, even if you didn't ask for it. He still has no idea he is the reason for your breakup with Jumin, but he understands how despite you not feeling anything towards Jumin, you still need time to heal from the separation before Seven can try to win you over. Especially since you apparently already love someone else, winning you over -to him- seems impossible, once again.

But this time, he's determined to fight for you.

It's been almost a week, and you still have heard nothing from both Jumin and Seven. Jaehee told you via chatroom that Jumin has been giving her more work than usual, and that he has become an even worse workaholic himself. I guess it's just back to the beginning with him, huh. Emotionless. And now he doesn't even have a cat to care for.

Then, he does show emotion. Not to Jaehee, but to V. After burying himself in his job as a distraction, his friend visits his office with the goal of cheering him up. "I'm fine, really," he says, but V knows him well enough to tell that he's lying.

V gives Jumin a look, but shrugs. "You act as if these past few weeks haven't happened when you have changed. So much. Don't act like you're unaffected, please."

"We're back to normal. Zen must be ecstatic-"

"Jumin, cut the bullshit, okay? You can't bottle everything up again. It's not healthy, and I know you're hurt. Please, talk to me." Jumin avoids V's eyes. Then, when Jumin least expected it, V walks over -slightly stumbling due to his poor eyesight- and wraps him into a tight hug. "It's okay to be upset. I'd be worried if you weren't."

"I...I loved her," he whispers, but immediately shakes his head afterwards. "No, I love her, present tense."

"I know you do," he says and pats his friend's back in a way to comfort him. "I know."

Jumin lets go of V, the closeness making him uncomfortable. Only you could come so close to him without him being bothered. "She... she loves him instead. Luciel." V backs up, shocked at this new information.

"Luciel? When did this even happen?"

Jumin's face turns hard and he glares at the ground. "I don't know. That's why she ended things," he explains, and V listens carefully to every word. "I'm allowed to be angry, right? But, being angry at her... I could never do that. Directing my anger towards Luciel isn't fair. How do I stop feeling this way?"

"You're going through a broken heart, Jumin. It will get better with time."

"Take your own advice. Rika has been gone for years, and you're still depressed," Jumin says. "I might... never get over this."

"Some people take more time than others. You're strong. You might not get over her, but you will learn to live without her."

"We'll see." V didn't like the sound of that. (BECAUSE HE CAN'T FUCKING SEE LMAO sorry) Jumin mumbles some other things, but V can't hear him clearly.


"I.. don't understand what I'm feeling right now. I don't know how to fix it."

"With time. And space." And that's exactly what he needed.

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