Chapter 2

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I wake up and see the sun has not rose yet. I sigh and walk down to the kitchen. When I see no one is there I go back up to mine, Fred, and George's room and get dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. I put on my convers and go out of the room and out the door. I start to run and when I come to a park I realize the sun is up and shining. I sit down on the bench and think until I hear someone call my name. " Hope?" The voice says. I don't need to look at them to know who it is. My Ex-boyfriend, Jamie Leto. UGG. " Hello, Jamie." I say just barely ignoleging him. " Listion  Hope. I'm so sorry, I realized I was wrong. Please take me back. Please." He asks. I stand up and walk over to him. " No." I start to run back to the burrow. That's when I realize I have been home for over a month. I also realize I have been out of the house for 3 hours. When I get back to the burrow, a voice calls through the house." Hope dear, is that you?" Calls Mum. " Yes mum, I just went for a run." I tell her. I go up stairs and see everyone but Ginny, me and Mum are gone. " Mum, where are the boys?!" I call down the stairs. " They went to go get Harry, dear!" She calls back to me. " OK, thanks!" I yell. Then I remember we are going to the Quidditch World Cup in the morning. I start to pack and finish when I hear my twins laughing down stairs. I run down and see Fred, George, Ron, Dad, and some black haired kid I am assuming is Harry. " Fred, George. I need your help." I say in an urgent voice. " What is-" George started. "-it Hope?" Fred finishes. " I can't find my black bra." I say. Ron, Harry, Dad, Mum, and Ginny burst into laughter. " Hey, not funny, that's my favorite bra!" I say to them. Me and my twins head up stairs to find my bra. After an hour of looking Fred finds it under a pile of pranking supply's. Seriously? Oh, nevermind. After dinner, me and every other person in the house goes to bed, except Mum, because she is not going to the World Cup.

The next morning

I wake up before the sun, yet again, but this time there are people trying to make sure they have everything for the World Cup. I grab the outfit I set out the night before, and go to the bathroom to get ready.

 I grab the outfit I set out the night before, and go to the bathroom to get ready

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( The outfit Hope is wearing.)
I quickly put on some makeup and my black convers and run down the stairs to the kitchen. I grab an apple and see everyone is waiting on me. We all start the long walk up the hill, until dad stops to bro hug some man with glasses. Then as I am walking under the tree, a tall, hansom boy , about a year older then me jumps out of the tree and makes me jump and fall flat on my not flat arces. " Sorry. Here let me help." He says reaching a hand out to help me up. " Thanks." I say standing up. " Cedric Diggory. And my I ask who you are?" He asks kissing the top of my hand lightly making me blush. " Hope Weasley." I say looking to where my twins are standing watching with grins in there faces. I look back at Cedric who is watching me with the look of love in his eyes. I'm pretty sure I have the same look in my eyes. We all walk to the Portkey and we all grab on. When we land I land on my feet thanks to Cedric. I look and see my twins flat on there arces. I smile when I see me and Cedric are still holding hands from when he helped me up. Finally, we set up our tents and I go sit outside the tent. Cedric walks over to me and asks, " Hey, the game doesn't start for a couple hours, fancy going for a walk with me?" He asks. I look at him and smile. " Sure, just let me let Dad know where I'm going so he doesn't worry." I tell him standing up And going in the tent that my dad was in. " Hey Dad, me and Cedric are going for a walk, we will meet you at the stadium." I tell him. " OK, be safe and stay with Cedric, please? I don't want you getting lost." He says with an expression that's says, ' I don't want a boy within a mile of you.' I smile at him. " Of course daddy, there is no need to worry. I will be fine." I tell him. He nods and I exit the tent and walk over to where Cedric was waiting for me. " All clear." I say to him. We walk and as we are I see my little brother, Harry and there friend with bushy hair,bi believe her name is Hermione or something like that. " Hey, Hermione, Harry, Ronikins." I say. " Hope! Don't call me Ronikins!" He says sounding irritated. " Where are you two off to?" He says looking at me and Cedric questionably. " Just out for a stroll." I say to him. " Well, bye." I say pulling Cedric after me. We get to a dark spot behind the stadium.  Then I look him in they eyes. He is looking at me in the eyes. As if reading each other's minds we both lean in and our lips connect in a kiss. The second our lips touch an electric current goes through my body. I put my arms around his neck and tangle my fingers in his hair. He puts his hands on my hips. This Rocks! I think to myself. He lifts me up and I rap my legs around his torso. My back against the wall, my fingers in his hair, his lips on mine. This day could not get better. Then we hear 2 people cough from behind us. I look behind Cedric and see my twins. This day couldn't get better, but it could get worse. " Fred, George! Did you follow us!?!?!?" I ask them. " Maybe." They say at the same time.  " UGG, it's my life, I can do what I want, I'm 16! If I want to snog Cedric, I will! And I do!" I say grabbing Cedric's hand and pulling him away from my insane brother's. " I'm sorry about them. They are a bit overprotective." I tell him as we get to the forest. Making sure no one followed us this time. " It's ok, if I had a younger sister, I would be protective of boys too." He tells me. " So, where were we before my brother's interrupted?" I ask him with a grin on my face. He smiles at me. " I believe right here." He says lifting me off the ground. I rap my legs around his torso yet again and we start kissing again. Soon it turns to a full blown snogging session. We break apart and realize we should head back to the stadium because the game is about to start. We walk hand in hand to the stadium, I stop when Cedric stops and asks, " Hope, will you be my girlfriend?" He asks sounding nervous. I nod and kiss him. " I would love to be your girlfriend." I tell him. We continue walking until we find out group. We stand next to each other and cheer on Ireland. At the end, Ireland won but Viktor Krum cough the Snitch. Me and Cedric go back to my tent and sit outside and snog. We only stop when we hear screaming. We look up and see people in masks burning tents down. Me run into my tent to get everyone who is asleep. We all run off, me and Cedric holding hands so we don't lose each other. I look around and can't find any one but Cedric, who is griping my hand tight. We hear boms go off near by, making me jump into Cedric's arms. " Cedric, I'm scared." I say to him in a whisper, where he could barely hear, but could hear me say it. " Shhh, it's all going to be fine Hope. I promise." He says pulling me close. Soon the screaming stops and the boms as well, in stead of screams we hear people calling my name. " HOPE.! HOPE! WHERE ARE YOU!?" I recognize Bills voice. " BILL! BILL IM OVER HERE!" I call to my oldest brother. He comes running over to me. " Hope! Oh thank mirlin your safe!" He says pulling me into a big hug. " I'm fine, all thanks to Cedric here. If it weren't for him I would have had a complete break down." I tell My brother. " Thank you, Cedric. I don't know what I would do without my favorite sister. Don't tell Ginny I said that." He says to both of us. I walk back over to Cedric and give him a kiss. " Am I missing something here?" Bill asks. I laugh. " Yes, Cedric here is my boyfriend." I tell Bill. Bill nods and looks to Cedric. " Hurt my little sister, and you are a dead man. Got me?" He asks Cedric. " Yes, sir." Cedric answers looking scared of Bill. Me, Cedric, and Bill make our way out of the forest. We make our way to where all the portkeys are kept. We find one is left. " Bill, you can apperate, tell mum and dad I'm at the Diggory's." I tell him as the Portkey takes us away. We come to a stop and I realize I am on the ground. " Hope, you OK?" Cedric asks. " Yeah, just need to work on my landing. Help?" I ask. He extends his hand and pulls me to my feet with no problem. " Cedric! Hope! There you are, you are both OK. No scratches, no bruise?" Amos Diggory asks as he sees us walk in. " We are fine dad. Just a little shaken up, that's all." Cedric says to his father. " Good, good. Why don't you show Hope the guest bedroom?" Mr.Diggory says looking at us. " Yeah, come on Hope." He says taking my hand and leading me up the stairs. As we come to a stop outside a room, Cedric turns to me. " Finally, we are alone without having to run off into the forest." He says with. Smirk. I stand on my tippy toes, give him a gentle kiss, and disappear behind the door, bit before the door is fully closed Cedric says, " if you need me, I am right next door." Then disappears into his room. I close the door and change into my pajamas. I climb into the bed that has beautiful blue bedding. After about an hour of trying to sleep alone, I get up and walk to Cedric's room. I knock on the door and .1 second later Cedric opens the door with nothing but boxers on. " Hope, what's wrong?" He asks. " I couldn't sleep. Usually when I can't sleep, I climb in with one of my twins, but odviously they sent here." I say quietly. " Do you want to sleep with me? I know I'm no Fred or George, but I'm a boy." He says. I smile. " Yes please." I answer. He opens his door to let me in. I walk in and look around. I spot a lovely broom, I think it's a Nimbus 1999. I have the same one at home. I see a bed that is bigger then the one in the guest bedroom. Except the bedding is yellow and black, not blue. He walks over to the bed and I follow. As he lays down and gets comfy, I sit do the side of the bed. He finds a comfy position and I lay down and rest my head on his bear chest. Seconds after my head hits his chest I start to doze off. The last thing I hear is Cedric say, " Goodnight my beautiful angel, for you bring the light where ever you go." And with that I am a sleep.

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