Before reading

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So, if you plan to read this book I'm going to tell you some things.

It's been commented about before about grammar and spelling so I'm going to address it.

First off yes English is my first language so I don't have an excuse to say that I don't have great grammar skillzzz(example) because it's my second language or something.

Second off, no I'm not stupid. I promise you I know proper grammar!

Third off, if you guessed it, yes I must have written this when I was younger. I did indeed write this book when I was younger. So I'm 15 now and about to end my first year of high school(yay), but I wrote this when I was in the 6th grade. As you can imagine, a 6th grader's grammar is probably not that great. I honestly probably didn't know how to use a comma half the time or how to write dialogue so please forgive me.

You may be wondering why the dates of the book being published or anything don't match the time I wrote this. So I had an old account that got hacked but I never wrote my stories in Wattpad. I wrote all of them in Microsoft word because it just felt more natural. So, this book used to be a book I would update in that old account but since it got hacked I had to terminate my account. I had multiple books but made choices towards which books to keep and which I didn't wish to upload again.
I had these books:

-Animes to Watch 1 and 2(I basically gave recommendations on animes to watch or had people send me anime to watch so I could review them.) (if u are interested I could do it again but only if people are interested)
-Frenemies(this was a short story I wrote when I was like 11 it was like 12 chapters but some people seemed to like it I guess. It was a romance story but yeah)
-Stuck In The Anime World(this was a story I made about a group of 3 girls getting sucked into a video game that made it possible to travel from anime to anime and become apart of the story. People liked this one as well but I decided to take it off because I didn't think it was that good.)

But anyways I hope that helped clear up people's confusion on why this book's grammar sucks and why nothing has been done to fix it really. Happy reading!

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