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Harry handed the cab driver a few notes before exiting the car, the night sky was a bit darker than it usually was most days, and maybe it was because the universe knew what Harry was here for. Knew what he was about to do, the green eyed boy looked up at the broken down neon sign before grinning to himself, this was the start.

'Paul's 24/7 Car Rental Shop'

It read, Harry licked over his slightly chapped lips before continuing to walk towards the entrance, he had already picked out the car that would do the job best, he could've used one of the three cars he owned, but there was no way he was messing up any of them, and his motorcycle wouldn't help much. Once inside, Harry paused allowing himself to roam his eyes over the room, taking in every detail. The paint on the wall in the corner was chipping, and there a little dent in it. Harry's head snapped up once he heard a door opening, his eyes narrowed in on a guy, who looked to be around nineteen, before he approached him, a false smile on his face.

"How can I help you?" The brown eyed lad asked, his lips pulled between his teeth as he set down the box he was carrying on the counter. "I want to rent the white corolla outside in the front." Harry spoke smoothly, his eyes reading over the lads name tag, in which read the name Liam.

Liam nodded pulling out a few sheets and a pen, "how long do you want to rent it for?"

"Two days." Harry replied.

It didn't take the worker too long to get everything sorted, and soon enough Harry was making his way back over to his house, a smile on his face as he realized he'd be able to do what he loved to best much more easier.

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