Chapter Sixteen.

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I've tried to make the move into Dalton's room as smoothly as possible.

I'm still a little shocked that he even offered it, and without anyone else pressuring him. I almost kind of wish he hadn't though. For a week now every time I'm alone in the room he's all I can think about.

These blankets smell like Dalton.

Dalton forgot his hairbrush.

Dalton's CD collection needs to be reorganized.

It's a full stream Dalton fest and I don't know how to shut my mind off of it.

It's not like we don't have bigger things to be worried about here.

I've run out of fingers to count all of our issues around Castrum on.

The service for Tommy was small, but emotional. I'd only met him the one time, but you could tell he was a good guy. I was surprised by how moved I felt as his parents got up and talked about their son. Dalton had moved in close to me, not enough to touch, but enough to show me he's there.

Like Pedro had said, his family is large and part of the upper class so it was only natural when Pedro and Lance made the announcement about the upping of security. I was pretty pleased when the rouse of protecting the reputation of the West Wing and making sure everything was in place for the ball worked. Mom and Dad had both told me how proud they were of my quick thinking. It was especially nice to hear from my Dad. He said he would have done the same thing.

My parents though are an issue of their own.

Since now they know about the missing people and the deaths, they've urged me more than once to come home, but I have to see this through. They try to be understanding but I know it must be driving them crazy having me here while they are so far away.

I jump a little at the soft rap on my door, then sigh to myself and call whoever it is to enter. Slowly, Lance and Dalton walk into the room, one after the other.

Lance comes over to me to squeeze my hand, while Dalton hangs back by the door but offers me a soft smile. It's been so weird lately. Like Dalton has finally decided to stop trying to scare me away anymore and now he's almost pleasant. Only making my 24/7 Dalton fest more intense. Even now I'm looking at the way his muscles snake around his arms and the cryptic tattoo on his bicep.

"What's the plans for today?" I ask quietly.

For a week now I've been carefully ushered dinner and lunch while staying on the royal level. I've hardly seen Fallon and Pedro has been so busy with his duties that he's been more of a shell lately too.

Lance smiles, going to have a seat on my vanity bench that was brought in for me.

"Pedro thought you may be going a little stir crazy." He shrugs one shoulder.

"Little is an understatement." I agree.

Though I'm talking to Lance, my eyes keep flitting back to the other side of the room to the handsome broody man who can't seem to keep his eyes trained downward anymore. We both catch the other looking more than once.

"That's why he thought it would be a good idea to let you go down to West Wing today for a real class and to collect the rest of your things from your room yourself." Lance continues. "Plus we can't very well convince the people that West Wing is truly safe if the king won't even let his own family member stay down there."

I nod, thankful for the opportunity to get out of this room and to get back to my classes instead of having the notes brought up to me, but I still felt on edge.

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