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About a year ago, I got a job at the headquarters of Budweiser as the assistant of the CEO, Daniel Noriega. But everyone calls him Danny. I feel weird calling him by his first name, so I always call him Mr. Noriega except, he hates it when I do that. He's fairly young for a CEO, being only 27 but he's hella attractive so that makes up for everything else. Since I'm his assistant, I'm around him all the time, which drives me fucking insane. I've had a crush on him ever since I started working here. My crush grows more and more each day. I mean, who wouldn't think he's attractive?

It's another regular day, I got a cup of coffee for myself and bottled water for Mr. Noriega or Danny. He doesn't drink coffee. I don't know how he lives but whatever. I walk in the door of the office and I'm met with my best friend, Jordan "another day with the CEO of sexiness." He says taking a sip of my coffee. "So..." I say as we walk to the elevator "so... when are you gonna tell him you're in love with him?" He asks pressing the right button. "Never. J, he's my boss. And I'm not in love with him, I just like him is all." "Mhm." He says walking away, as we get off the elevator. I roll my eyes and start walking. As I'm walking, I bump into someone and spill my coffee on them. Shit. I look up and see Danny. Fuck. Me. "Oh god. Mr. Noriega. I'm so sorry." I say using napkins to wipe off his shirt. "It's fine YN." He says putting his hand over mine. "Can I at least help you clean up?" I ask "oh. No need. I just need another shirt." He says taking off his shirt.

Damn. Right in the middle of the hallway. "There's an extra shirt in my office, you can throw this one away." He says handing me the stained one. "Yeah. Sure. I'll be right back." I say walking away. I grab him a clean shirt and go back to him. I mean, no one's going to tell him anything unless they want to get fired. I walk up to him and give him his shirt.

Not too long after Danny gets clothed again, he goes to his office while I make sure everyone is where they're supposed to be and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. After I do that, I go to Danny's office. He was talking to someone. "Mr. Noriega, where am I needed?" I ask walking into the room. The person he's talking to leaves so it's just us two. "YN. You've worked here for a year. Call me Danny, Mr. Noriega is too weird." He says "of course Mr.- I mean, Danny." I say. He laughs a bit. "Could you gather everyone for a meeting in five minuets?" He asks "of course." I say, getting ready to leave. "Oh and YN. One more thing." He says and I turn around t face him. "You and me. Dinner. Tonight at 7." Oh shit. "I-I can't do that." "Why not?" He asks getting out of his chair "because you're my boss and it would be weird." "It's not weird unless you make it weird." He says getting closer to me. "I'll think about it." I say, walking to the door. "If you decide you want to, meet me here when your shift is over."

Near the end of my shift, I find Jordan. "Dude. Danny wants me to have dinner with him tonight." I say "oh my god. You have to go." Jordan says grabbing my arm. "I can't. He's my boss. It's weird." "I swear to god YN. You're going." He says "fine, fine. I'll go." I say walking off to Danny's office. I knock on the door before walking in. "Look who decided to show up." Danny says walking up to me. "If we're going to do this. You need to lose the cocky attitude." I say "but it's fun." He says pulling me closer. We were extremely close. "Then we have two very different definitions of fun." I say looking into his eyes. They're a beautiful shade of green. "This is going to be fun." He says leaning down and pressing his lips to mine. I quickly pull away. But then I press my lips to his. It got steamy very quickly. "We should go, or else we'll be late for dinner." He says "dinner can wait." I say pulling him over to his desk.

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