The Blind Man's Nurse

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Author: JettaFrame

Status: Complete

Rating: 10/10

"You know what I want to see most Addilyn?" his voice was low, husky.
"No," my own was breathy with want.
His thumb traced my bottom lip, making my eyes shutter half-closed reflexively. His voice was so quiet, I almost missed his reply,
"The smile of the woman in front of me."
Addilyn Calla has told so many lies she's beginning to believe them herself. She's not in danger; the bruises on her arms were an accident; she deserved it. Caught between the living nightmare of an abusive stepfather and providing for her younger twin-siblings, things take a turn for the worst when she's given her latest work assignment;
Kingsley Coleman.
A broken man suffering from the weight of a military mission gone wrong, this will be one patient that Addilyn will never forget.
Will the man with no sight be the one to finally clear her own?

My review:
I adored this book. The characters were amazing, the plot was amazing, just everything about this story was amazing! I'm so glad I read it.

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