O1 - "Never Forget Mommy?"

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Ameliéelittle kitten

Ameliée sat curled up on the leather sofa, her faux tail hanging from a small hole in the bum of her shorts and resting next to her. Her mind wondered, mostly to the usual little things but then she began to panic. Where was mommy? She grabbed her phone frantically, calling her mommy, who was on speed dial.

"Hello, yes, kitten?" Kasie answered almost immediately. She rarely let the phone ring more than twice when her baby girl was calling. She worried constantly about her, but she knew she couldn't always be there. Someone had to bring in money.

Ameliée smiled at her mommy's soft voice. "Mommy, where are you?" she asked, holding the phone to her ear. She played with the fur of her tail, awaiting an answer.

"Kitten, mommy's at work, remember?"

Ameliée gasped, feeling silly and disappointed in herself for asking. "Oh yea. I forgot again.. I'm sorry.."

Kasie sighed and quickly began to comfort her. "Oh baby it's okay. You remembered to call mommy instead of panicking. You make mommy so proud, princess!" She praised, smiling as she spoke to her baby.

Ameliée's cheeks flushed and she giggled shyly, always loving her Mommy's praise. She pressed a kiss into the phone, a gesture of gratitude. "Thank you, Mommy!"

"No problem, kitten. Now, Mommy has to go, okay? I'll be home in a few hours. I have a surprise for you!"

Ameliée squealed in glee, meowing happily. "Really, Mommy? What is it?" she asked, bouncing on her bum.

Laughing softly, Kasie shook her head. "Now, if I told you, it wouldn't be much of surprise. Wait til' Mommy gets home. I love you, sweetie!"

"Love you too, Mommy! Alot!"

The call ended and Ameliée went back to the loud cartoons on the large screen tv. She watched for an hour or so before her mind wondered again. Where's mommy? The process was repeated—she called and got the same answer. This was an everyday thing. Ameliée suffered from short-term memory loss, battling to remember things that occurred even minutes before sometimes.

She never forgot who she was. She knew the big details, and never forgot important people to her. It was just simple things, like the time, a chore or two, what happened in a movie, and mommy had bathed her already.

Ameliée ended up calling Kasie a total of four times before Kasie got off of work. Kasie was used to it, it didn't annoy her. She knew her kitty was just wanting to know that she was safe and that she was simply worried. Kasie found out about Ameliée's memory the day they meant, when she asked what her name was five times within five minutes. She hated how sad Ameliée got when she realized she had forgotten something; it broken her heart.

That's why she got her the surprise!

"Kitten, where are you? Mommy is home!" Kasie announced, coming to the front door with a large bag and a smile. She heard quick footsteps approaching and she smiled, holding her arms open. Ameliée ran to her Mommy, jumping into her arms. Kasie caught her and showered her in kisses.

"Mmm, mommy missed you so much, kitten. Were you a good girl today?" Kasie asked, playing in her kitty's hair. Ameliée nodded eagerly, giggling happily. "Yessss, mommy. I be good!!"

Kasie nodded, setting her back on her feet. "Did you eat, princess?" She asked, fixing her hair.

Ameliée tilted her head and tried to think. She frowned and began to tear up. "I don't know.. I can't remember.. Im sorry.."

Kasie' heart jumped at the sight of her baby so sad. She shook her head and pulled her into her embrace. "Shh, come here baby.." She pet her head, hearing her purr in response. "Listen to me, okay? Mommy knows you forget things, you can't help it. You don't have to apologize. It's okay, babygirl. Mommy won't ever get mad at you. You know why? Because have you ever forgot Mommy? Have you ever looked at me and not known who I am?"

"N..Nu, never forget Mommy.."

"Exactly, baby. As long as you remember that Mommy loves you and cares so much about you, nothing else matters. Mommy is here to help you with the other things. Remember that surprise?"

Ameliée nodded.

Kasie reached into the bag, pulled out a large board with lights on the border and built in speakers that weren't visible. "This is going to be your memory board!" Kasie smiled, holding it up. "Mommy will hang this up and put reminders on it for you. This side it for what you need to do. Once you do them, you'll take the magnet with the reminder on it and put it on the 'Done' side."

Ameliée smiled big, nodding and growing excited.

"But that's not all. When mommy gets home, she'll count up how many are on the done side and for every two, you get a kitty paw sticker for this board." Kasie pulled out a second board a bit small than the first. "This is your reward board. When you get paw stickers they go on her and after each week mommy will count them up for a reward. You can win unlimited sweets for a day, a new toy, new dress, no bedtime for a day, even mommy taking a day off of work!"

Ameliée was now bouncing eagerly. She clapped and purred and hugged her mommy tightly. She loved the idea of the rewards and all of that, but she loved her mommy even more for coming up with e concept just for her. It made her so happy. She knew she really cared for her.

"And I know that's a lot for yo to remember baby, so I will type up the rules and post them next to the board. Oh, speaking of the board. The memory will light up and play soft music when it's time for you to look at it. You don't even have to remember to baby," Kasie said, hugging her back.

Ameliée tested up, hiding her face in her chest. "Thank you mommy. I love you so much.."

Kasie gasped, pulling her baby away to look at her. "What's wrong, baby? Did mommy overwhelm you?"

Smiling happily, Ameliée shook her head. "Nuu, i'm just so happy mommy. Thank you so much. This is the bestest thing ever!!"

Kasie pressed a kiss to her baby's lips smiling. "you're welcome baby girl. I love you too.."


"Yes, kitten?"

"I'll never forget you.."

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